How Do You Support Utah’s Artists and the Local Art Scene?

Stunning Colorful Art Painting
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Utahns love arts and crafts, including do-it-yourself projects. When Pinterest first launched in 2011, major traffic didn’t come from Texas or California, which are the two most active social media states. Instead, Utahns were the ones who drove the most traffic, accounting for almost 5 percent of the total site visits. (Image Credit: Garageband/Pixabay)

Local Art Scene

This love for the arts doesn’t only apply in online channels. The local art scene and crafting community in the state is also thriving and has grown in the past several years. Salt Lake City is home to some big-name arts organizations and institutions, such as the Utah Opera, Utah Symphony, Ballet West, and the Eccles Theater.

But Utah’s dedication to the arts runs deeper than these prestigious names. Burgeoning artists are starting to get recognition from the community. Local art institutions, like the Sackson theatre, Wasatch Theatre Company, and Plan-B Theatre Company are thriving as well. The exposure these smaller art groups get is important to the community since they represent a huge portion of the arts that the state offers.

Right now there are people in your city who are looking for an artist to commission or purchase from,  and if they cannot find you they are going to spend their money elsewhere.  Having a local listing on a site (like a local art shop) is a great way to grow your following, support other artists and attract clients in your area.

Despite the growing appreciation for the State’s local art scene, minor art groups and artists still have to strive to remain relevant, create a name for themselves, and gain a solid base of supporters.

Residents must also do their part to give the local artists the recognition they deserve. Here’s how you can help them grow.

Become a Patron

When people say “patron of the arts,” you’ll likely think of an affluent donor who contributes large sums of money to museums and major arts organizations. But it’s easier to become a patron today, with all the resources available.

You can promote your favorite artists on your social media profiles or recommend them to your friends, family, and colleagues. Instead of buying commercially produced products, you can purchase from local stores instead.

Those who are able can also hold small art exhibits. This is a good way to provide an avenue for local artists for them to showcase their art. It’s relatively easy to organize an exhibit; all you need to do is secure a venue, develop a theme, gather the artists, and install the artworks. The venue doesn’t have to be fancy as well, you can settle for a low-key outdoor setting and set up the exhibit like a fair. Just look for a party table rental in Utah and set up a tent, and you’re good to go.

 Immerse Yourself in Local Arts

The first step in supporting the small time artists is to expose yourself to the many names in the local art scene. The state and numerous arts organizations hold plenty of events and fairs that feature works of different artists from different art forms and genres. The coming summer is packed with these events. Take your pick from the Gallery Stroll in Downtown Salt Lake, Big Band Dance Night in the Gallivan Center, the Downtown Art & Craft Market in Pioneer Park, the annual Utah Arts Festival in Library Square, and many more.

Fairs like these feature artworks and pieces you won’t find elsewhere since they’re not mass produced. This is a good time to shop for artisanal products, handmade gifts, and unique art pieces. Of course, don’t forget to pay the artists fairly. Here, you’ll also get the chance to find your new favorite bands, dance groups, graphic designers, and other artists.

Without the support of the local citizens, the local art scene will cease to make the impact it can contribute to the community. When you support local artists, you are also paying your respect to their creative freedom and helping them create beautiful art that can be admired by the world.

Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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