How Do You Change A Samsung Water Filter?

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Maintaining a clean water filter on your fridge prevents many problems such as the buildup of sediments and a broken ice maker or water dispenser. More importantly, though, you will get to drink clean, fresh, and germ-free water. Every six months, the indicator on your fridge will tell you when to replace your filter. For the sake of your health and that of your family, you should pay heed to the indicator.  If you are looking for Samsung water filters, see Discount Water Filters for the best deals. This article will show you how you should replace a Samsung water filter.

How Do Water Filters Work In Refrigerators?

These filters usually work by purifying your water supply from contaminants and pathogens. During the dispensing process, water will pass through the exterior surface to the center of the cartridge, which contains the carbon block that will trap harmful bacteria. The water purified by the filter will be used by both the ice maker and the water dispenser. 

Why You Need To Replace Your Water Filter Regularly

You don’t need to rely on the indicator light on your refrigerator for you to replace the water filter. Bacteria and contaminants that have been trapped in the filter for months could easily mix with dispensed water and present a health hazard and make the water unfit for consumption. Ensure that you have clean water and check on the status of the water filter regularly. These filters use an activated carbon block as the medium for trapping contaminants, and they have a limit to the capacity of water that runs through before they need to be replaced. Below are some of the reasons why you should regularly replace the water filter on your refrigerator;

  • It will help maintain the average pressure of the dispenser to a normal level since that pressure affects how the water flows from the dispenser.
  • Replacing your water filter will prevent the absorption of contaminants and bacteria into the filter due to a damaged or weak water filter.
  • Besides, it also prevents sediments and fine particles from passing through, making water safe for drinking.
  • It also ensures that there is no wastage of water that occurs due to a non-working filter. 
  • Finally, it helps to save on costs, you could buy a pack containing up to two, three, or four filters depending on the subscription models available online or at your appliance parts shop. 

How To Replace Your Water Filter

Purchase The Correct Water Filter

First, it is prudent to purchase an authentic Samsung water filter that comes from the manufacturer. While there might be cheaper options out there, you should avoid them since they will not compare to an original filter from the manufacturer in terms of quality. These cheap filters may damage your fridge and cause leakages. Samsung filters are available on leading e-commerce websites such as Amazon. Buying this filter on Amazon will also save you money since its price is lower than your local store. To make it easy for you, you could subscribe to loyalty programs like the Amazon Subscribe and Save program, which will allow you to receive a water filter every five months, reducing the need to worry about going to shop for a new water filter when your old one needs changing.

Confirm That You Have The Right Water Filter

You need to ensure that you have the correct replacement filter since Samsung is precise regarding the model number. You will find this information in the operation manual, which will usually list the model of your refrigerator and the water filter that comes paired with it. You will also find more information on the Samsung website under the accessories section, listing specifications of individual water filters and compatible fridge models. Install an incompatible water filter can cause unnecessary damage 

Replacing The Water Filter

Follow the steps below to correctly install the water filter for your Samsung refrigerator:

  • Shut Down The Source Of Water Tied To Your Refrigerator

Remember to turn off the water valve or tap connected to your refrigerator. You should ensure that the water dispenser is shut off. 

  • Determine The Filter Location 

The location of the water filter varies from model to model on the Samsung refrigerators. For instance, it is located between the fresh items and top items drawers in a  french door refrigerator. The filter on a side-by-side refrigerator is found near the bottom right drawer, where fresh food items are kept. 

  • Installing The New Water Filter

By now you should have located the filter. You should remove the filter by turning it counterclockwise (or downwards) and then pulling it out. There are times when you would be required to apply force since hard water has been known to leave deposits, making the turning and removal of the filter a little tough. Sometimes, pressure will hold back the water filter if you haven’t turned off your water supply. Position the new filter into place, then turn it clockwise until it becomes tight enough. After installing the water filter, the final step would be to release any buildup of pressure. It is recommended to run about three litres of water to prevent an air blast that could damage a filter. The last thing you want is to replace a newly installed filter that has been damaged.

  • Resetting The Filter Indicator Light On The Refrigerator

Resetting this indicator will ensure that you aren’t behind schedule once your refrigerator is due for a water filter replacement. To do this, you need to hold down the crushed ice button, and the color of the indicator will change from red to green. Depending on the model of your refrigerator, you would need to consult the operation manual before you do this. 

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