How do Industrial Nets Work Against Pigeons?

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Pigeons are attractive birds, but they can be a great nuisance when they clatter on your roof in big numbers. Due to the property damage that pigeons can cause, there are industrial-based measures to help you get rid of them. Industrial netting is one such method property owners can use as pigeon exclusion devices. The article takes a bird’s eye view on how industrial nets work against pigeons, protect property and cause no harm to the birds.

How Industrial Nets Work

Effective nets for industrial facilities act as barriers against pigeons which can be overwhelming on property owners. Industrial nets come in different sizes and are standardized for use against pigeons. Property owners can use OvoControl to help reduce pigeon population in addition to the industrial nets method. The method makes it difficult for pigeons to fertilize and hatch eggs, leading to population control.

The nets are manufactured in a way that they safeguard the property and also do no harm to the pigeons. It is an effective method because, with just one netting system, they get to cover a large surface and surround most areas that are susceptible to pigeon perching. It is also a humane option because you get to protect the building and the birds at the same time. If well maintained, they will last long as they are weatherproof. 

How Industrial Nets are Manufactured

Industrial nest involves a technical process using 630 deniers high-density polyethylene monofilament (HDPE). The HDPE granules are first liquefied then assorted with various additives, including flame-resistant ingredients, colors, and ultraviolet filters. The process requires advanced and technical skills which will guarantee quality, accuracy, and correct net size. It is manufactured by a highly skilled professional who gets the process done by hand. 

Importance of Mesh Size

The size of the mesh matters in an industrial location when dealing with pigeons. Compare and contrast the sizes and always stick with the required standards. Larger nets are less expensive, prone to wind, and weigh less. The best industrial practice regarding the size of the net is normally going for a small net because they completely deter pigeons from gaining access to the property. The most popular industrial net when it comes to size is the 3/4 ‘’ mesh, 1 1/8’’ mesh, 2’’ mesh depending on the size of the pigeons in your location. 

Industrial Nets Used for Seasonal Pigeons Problems

Industrial nets used to keep away pigeons on a seasonal basis are normally lights, able to be recycled, easy to use, and cost-effective. They are effective in protecting fruit plants, gardens, and berry bushes. They are also useful when preventing pigeons from getting into an industrial base seasonally. Because they are easy to use, they come with rolls you can easily trim with scissors in a functional method. Some components may require technical assistance when installing specific tools. Simply pace the netting across the areas you want to remove it from when the pigeons leave. 

Nets Used for Permanent Buildings

Nets intended to be used on paramagnet buildings or installations need to be strong in the sense that they should have a top rating on strength and don’t obstruct. When used around warehouses, aircraft hangers, or above entranceways, they are resistant to tension and unnoticeable to the naked eye. These are very effective in keeping pigeons off the property in the long term. 

Important Components of a Netting System

Industrial nets comprise different components, and the net is just part of the whole. When installing industrial nets against pigeons, ensure all components are strong and functional. Otherwise, a weak link may affect the whole system. Before getting a netting system, seek the advice of professionals as they understand the technical aspects and the required specification for a proper netting system. Always seek technical support when you have challenges installing industrial nets. 

What to Consider When Buying Industrial Nets

It is important to consider heat tolerance and color when choosing industrial nets. With a melting point of 131 degrees, they can catch fire if exposed to heat directly. This may cause fire to spread across areas the nets have been installed. This is a result of plastic molten flames that spill all over. Look out for flame-resistant nets, especially when your property is adjacent to flammable items. For color, it is always common to use black. 

Pigeons are attractive, and some people love them as pets, too, but most property owners understand the burden and costs they come with. When getting rid of pigeons and other pests, the best practice focuses on prevention. In this regard, industrial netting remains the better option to prevent and get rid of pigeons from your property. Although they may not reduce the pigeon population in the long term, they come in handy if installed well and regularly serviced. 

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