How Do High-Powered Professionals Manage Relationships?

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We all deserve romance, we deserve someone to have romantic breaks with, someone with which to share our aspirations, plan our lives, or even have some fun while building genuine connections even if you don’t necessarily plan to go the long haul with them. However, there’s no denying that some people can have it tough. If you’re a high-powered professional, you might find it hard to take the time to enjoy dating relationships as you would otherwise. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it.

Putting your ruthlessness away

There’s one thing that makes people who are successful, career-driven, and high-powered different from those who are not. An emphasis on keen decision-making and logical ruthlessness might be valuable in business, but you might be lacking the soft skills that you need to build a real relationship with other people. Learning to be a little more open-minded and incorporate more empathy in the way that you treat people, especially those with that you’re hoping to get into romantic entanglements, can be very valuable. There is a serious correlation between people of high earning brackets and the inability to reason wisely when it comes to interpersonal relationships, so assume that you might have some work to do there.

Know where you can find the people that match your lifestyle

If you’re looking to ensure that you’re building a relationship with someone that shares your lifestyle and your aspirations, then it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re making matches with people that are in your social strata. It’s an ugly truth, but people who have success and privilege can often find it difficult to see eye-to-eye on many vital things with those who might be in a lower social class. As such, you can always look to matchmakers who can help you find the people that might be a little more aligned with your own vision. This doesn’t mean you can’t be open to all kinds of relationships, but there is help there to draw you closer to someone who might be a better fit.

Be willing to be challenged

Anyone who has enjoyed a rapid rise to success can see it much more easily than those who were born into or slowly grew into privilege. You do, regardless of what you feel about it, get surrounded by “yes” people. This can lead to a few things. It can make it hard to see who is truly into making a relationship for you in order to be with you. It can also make you a little more unreasonable when it comes to your relationships. It can make you more demanding and less willing to sacrifice. As such, you should ensure that you’re willing and able to be challenged. That tug back and forth is the only way to have a healthy relationship.

Know your scene

Of course, the game can change a lot depending on your sexuality. This isn’t to say that people who are LGBTQ have it easier or harder to find romance (though the dating pool can simply feel a lot smaller, that is for sure), but that you might have to navigate in different circles to have the best chance of getting the attention that you want. A little research can help you find the queer-friendly spaces in town, where you’re a lot more likely to find a partner, and you can even lookup chat line numbers for gays to enjoy a little more flirting and the chance of a spontaneous connection in your day-to-day. Finding your community can help a lot.

Talk money when you’re getting serious

If you are starting to get into a serious relationship with someone, then you can’t afford to not talk about money. If you’re thinking about a future with them, then you have to make sure that you have an understanding of how you make your money and how you make decisions with it. Similarly, they may have similar questions to answer regarding their own finances. How much you’re willing to share ownership and welcome them into your finances is your choice. But if you’re looking at getting married, you should at least consider your options such as pre-nuptial agreements. However, if you do suggest one to a partner, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. They should understand your perspective on your money.

You have to learn to balance your career with your relationship

This might be difficult for someone who is very career-motivated to learn, but if you do plan on getting into a serious relationship, then you have to make space for it in your life. This can, indeed, mean that you have to scale back things with work occasionally. You need to ensure that you’re making the time you need to spend with your loved one. Similarly, you and your partner need to be able to show unconditional support for one another. You also both have to be willing to make the occasional sacrifice for each other’s careers. Finding that balance is the most important thing of all if you want to see both your relationship and your career going well.

Does online dating still work?

Given that many of us, yes, even those of us at the highest-earning brackets, are spending time online, you might be wondering just how effectively online dating works. To be honest, it depends on what you’re looking for. Some of the most popular “hook-up” apps are typically used for that alone and when it comes to Tinder, men especially typically have a very hard time unless they’re very conventionally attractive or have the wealth (which might be the thing for you.) If you’re looking for more serious relationships, however, then there are a few platforms specifically for that.

Just as having wealth, power, and prestige can be a draw for some kinds of romance, it can be a barrier in some others. Hopefully, the tips above can help you better align your life to welcome more of those opportunities.

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