How Color Choice Affect Custom Printed T-Shirts

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Custom printing can transform a basic t-shirt into a wearable work of art. Corporate teams, university leagues, reading clubs, fiction fandom groups, and even families and friend circles are now designing and creating custom printed t-shirts based on their preferences. You can integrate several design ideas into t-shirts with custom fabric printing technologies.

From corporate logos to inside jokes and movie quotes, you can print practically anything you want on t-shirts. However, factors like color choices and fabric quality can impact the effectiveness of custom printing drastically.

You may consider exploring popular color trends for custom t-shirt printing before you start designing the t-shirts. If your t-shirts follow a seasonal or message-specific theme, you may want to keep the theme in mind while choosing colors for your t-shirt.

Why Custom Printed T-Shirts are Popular

T-shirts are one of the few clothing items that will never “go out of fashion.” Custom printing only adds to the value of blank and basic t-shirts. The global custom printing industry is expected to be worth approximately 10 Billion USD by 2024.

Besides providing opportunities for improving brand awareness, custom printed t-shirts can also induce a sense of unity and togetherness among team members.

The popularity of custom printed t-shirts is not limited to the corporate sector. Movie fans, TV series fans, social support groups, activist groups, and clubs worldwide use custom printed t-shirts to spread their messages or show their support. Stylish fonts and unique patterns can make custom printed t-shirts look attractive and fashion-forward.

You may consider using color charts and preview tools to ensure you pick the correct color and color combinations. Preview tools available in custom t-shirt printing websites allow you to see precisely how your t-shirt will look once the printing is complete. These websites also allow you to explore different color trends and designs.

How Color Choice Affects Custom Printed T-Shirts

If you are printing t-shirts for a corporate or social event, you may want to ensure that the t-shirt colors align with the organization’s logo colors. However, you may also choose colors that are not part of the brand logo, if the theme of your event demands different colors.

The Ink Colors

If you plan on using rare, light, or pastel color inks, you may consider choosing dark color t-shirts. For instance, if the ink color is white, pale yellow, or baby pink, you may consider choosing black, deep blue, or brown for the t-shirts.

Conversely, suppose the ink colors are darker shades like navy blue, brown, or black. In that case, they will look better on a light or pastel color t-shirt—however, it’s critical to pay attention to ink quality when you’re custom printing t-shirts. Low-quality ink could appear dull or discolored on t-shirts.

Besides primary colors, custom printing companies also offer several refined ink shades and tones. Shades like “amber glow” or “autumn hues” may give your t-shirts a more sophisticated look.

T-Shirt Style and Purpose

Color combinations are one of the most critical aspects affecting custom printed t-shirts. The color choice can define and impact the style and overall aesthetic appeal of the t-shirt. If the t-shirt is for formal events or corporate meetings, you may want to go with colors that are not too flashy or overly bright.

Classic yellow and gray combinations, black and white combinations, and navy blue and white combinations are the most popular for corporate t-shirts.

Contrasting ink and t-shirt color combinations and bright colors may suit university events, parties, or other vibrant occasions. Attention-grabbing color combinations are also ideal for social rallies or marches. These combinations are more noticeable and visible.

High-visibility, neon, and fluorescent combinations are also excellent for marathons and other similar events.

Price of the T-Shirt

Rare, unique shade inks and t-shirts are bound to be at least slightly more expensive than standard color inks and t-shirts. You may want to choose a custom printing company that allows you to select from various colors and tones.

Modern custom printing companies offer several creative shades like “amethyst dusk,” “pink dawn,” and “raspberry sherbet.” You can also choose glitter-induced inks if you are trying to glam up the t-shirt.

Sophisticated shades are usually created by combining several inks using processing technologies. Therefore, these shades may cost more than the mainstream ink color options. The color choices also have a significant impact on the price of the t-shirt.

The primary purpose of custom printing t-shirts is to add a touch of personalization to the t-shirt. Therefore you may consider learning more about the latest color trends in custom t-shirt printing before finalizing colors for your t-shirt.

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