Hottest Handbag Trends of Fall 2023

Hottest Handbag Trends of Fall 2020: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #handbagtrends #handbag #fashion #fall2020 #fallhandbags #trendybags #fall #bevhillsmag
Hottest Handbag Trends of Fall 2020: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #handbagtrends #handbag #fashion #fall2020 #fallhandbags #trendybags #fall #bevhillsmag

Every year we see new handbag trends that we can choose to follow or not, but at the very least they give us a look into the fashion world and give us some gorgeous options for how we can add to our own personal styles.  This year we saw a number of new trends on the runways, with designers going all out in one trend for handbags or including an element subtly on a classic handbag. At the same time, there were Louis Vuitton purses for sale. (Image Credits: Julie Aargaad/Pexels)

Here are some of this season’s main handbag trends:

Bucket bags

There are many different styles of bucket bags that we have seen over the years, but the classic solid bucket bag really stood out this year. Leather bucket bags are the trendiest, standing out on the runways of the major fashion brands. If you’re looking for something unique, you can take a look at Mirta, a website that sells handmade bags 100% made in Italy by local artisans.

Slouchy clutches

We’ve seen structured and unstructured clutches, but this year is all about the slouchy clutches (especially the exaggerated slouchy ones!) Worn under the arm, they are an easy bag to carry. Plus, you can also fit oddly shaped items in your clutch and they won’t stand out like they would in a structured clutch!

Saddle crossbody bags

Saddle crossbody bags are on trend this fall season, though they have certainly been around for years. This year, they were mostly seen in black or brown leather on the Tory Burch Runway or with neutral embroidery at Etro.

Micro bags

Micro bags are still on trend this year, even mini bags have micro bags now! They can be worn as a simple coin purse attached to a larger bag, worn as an accessory to blend into your outfit or to add some fun texture and color.

Thick chains

Chains are a major trend in 2023 and it’s no different for this fall season’s handbags! Thick chains and chain details offer an edge to your handbag and can be a fun way to bring in texture or a unique element to even the most classic of looks.

Plush quilted bags

Plush quilted bags have that soft element that makes it look perfectly suited for the fall season. It can offer balance to an otherwise structured or streamlined look.


Fringe handbags are the classic boho/boho-chic look. A fringe can make a major impact in terms of personality if you choose this as your go-to trendy handbag!

Velvet bags

Velvet is a classic material for the fall season. And velvet handbags can be a way you can incorporate a different texture to your look as well as an elegant touch.

This year’s trends vary a lot in sizes, fabrics, and shapes for handbags. This gives everyone the ability to find something that really goes with their personal style. It may be time to snag a couple of different trendy bags that can switch up your look!

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