Hot Wax Compositions and Application

Beverly Hills Magazine Hot Wax Compositions and Application
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#bevhillsmag wax for hair removal is formulated mainly based on rosin (derived from pine) and beeswax. The latter is used in large quantities, as it provides elasticity and allows the wax to be applied in thin layers without the risk of them breaking. In addition, the pull is smoother, which reduces the sensation of pain when removing hair. The main ingredients of wax for hair removal are natural beeswax, pine resins, antioxidants, and pigments. Pink, ivory, lavender, and milk waxes also contain titanium dioxide. It provides elastic and pasty properties for accessible and crack-free applications.

At what temperature can the wax be used?

It must be melted at an ideal temperature of 360 ° C (in hot wax machines or special heaters). Thus, it will be possible to melt it more quickly and without the risk of burning. Once the wax reaches a temperature between 40 ° and 50 ° C, it can be used without significant risks (in normal skins). In the case of sensitive skin, the idea is to use warm or cold wax.

Purchasing Criteria of waxing

There is a multitude of waxing options available on the market. Among the hot waxes, it is possible to find products with different aromas and ingredients. There are many versions, but we can mention alternatives with honey, roses, coconut, aloe Vera, or green tea, for example.

The following are some of the most important criteria you should consider before purchasing a wax for hair removal.

  • Skin type
  • Melting method
  • Difficulty of application

Skin type

There are different types of skin, some drier, some more sensitive, and some mixed. One of the most common concerns among users is to know which type of wax is the best for each type of skin. 

Melting method

Many of the waxes on the market can be melted, either in a specific machine for this purpose, known as hot wax machine, or in a typical pan in a water bath. However, some brands can only be used on specific electric heaters. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to this aspect before buying, since if you choose the wrong product, you will lose time and money.

There is another prevalent type that can be melted in the microwave. The public that chooses this method is the one that intends to shave small areas of the body, such as the face, the armpit, or the groin. It is an efficient and quick way to melt small amounts of wax.

Difficulty of application

The quantity and consistency must be balanced on the spatula to not smudge or spill wax on unwanted parts of the body. This can be painful and even aesthetically dangerous in small regions, such as the eyebrows. 

What is the best wax for sensitive skin?

Aloe Vera or rosehip waxes are the best alternatives for sensitive skin. They contain moisturizing and regenerating properties. If you still suffer from extreme irritation and pain despite using this type of wax, this method is not the most suitable for you. Try to shave with warm or cold wax. If these two alternatives still cause significant discomfort, the best thing to do is consult a specialist. Wax may be the preferred option for many women, especially for epilating the intimate area, but it is not suitable for all skin types. Knowing your body and learning to apply the products that adapt to it will help you avoid many unpleasant situations.

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