Home Design: The Importance Of Good Lighting

Home Design: The Importance Of Good Lighting #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #interiordesign #homedesign #homeinterior #homeowners

Lighting is a core yet often-overlooked element in the home design process. Gone are the days when the lighting was just about illuminating the house, as its significance today extends well beyond that.  It can make or break the look and ambiance of any living space and is an essential factor in setting the tone for the atmosphere and vibe of your room.

It is only with good lighting that you can get the most impact out of all other well-thought-out design details and give your home a massive leap forward in its aesthetic appeal.

Accordingly, ignoring the role of lighting in a space is making a grave design error. The following are some crucial reasons why lighting is one of the most fundamental components to consider when designing a home.

Enhances Aesthetics

One of the primary uses of lighting in a home is to add to its aesthetics. Creative use of lighting can embellish your home decor and give life to your space. Accent lighting adds style and creates points of visual interest in a room by targeting particular areas within it. Its primary use is to highlight specific objects or areas of the home’s interior by focusing directly on them while shadowing dull spots. These may include a piece of furniture, pieces of art, house plants, photo frames, or architectural details.

A stylish floor lamp put beside a fireplace or a halogen spotlight on a breathtaking artwork is a common example of creating accent affect lighting. When utilized strategically, accent lighting can go far in presenting a calming and magnificent aura to a room.

Creates Illusion of Spaciousness

The right lighting fixtures, be it artificial or natural, can help significantly with making the space more open and welcoming. A gloomy, poorly lit room will feel small and cramped, with close proximity decor or furniture or darker color walls making it worse. Adding good lighting will help give you a sense of spaciousness, even though the size of the room stays the same.

Natural lighting is the preferred option as it bounces off reflective surfaces to add to the visual space of an area. But if there is no option to bring sufficient natural light, then ceiling lights, corner lamps, or wall sconces can help make the room look brighter, creating a visually larger space.

Impacts Productivity

Any room centered on heavy use should have proper lighting. While natural daylight is the most effective way to enhance productivity in the office, study room, or kitchen, the same areas must be functional when the sunsets.

Good lighting, such as natural white LED Bulbs is best suited for such spaces as they mimic the natural light very closely, helping keep your mind alert and focused. There is an abundance of LED lighting brands offering this durable and reliable form of lighting. Besides giving you the perfect working conditions and being aesthetically pleasing, LED is also an energy-efficient lighting solution that gives you the best bang for your buck over harsh incandescent or fluorescent lighting.

Sets the Mood

Not many people realize the power lighting has upon our mood and emotions. A dark, dimly lit home will create an unattractive and dull environment. It is a well-established fact that insufficient lighting contributes to depression, decreased energy levels, and eye strain.

A healthy amount of sunlight reaching all corners of a house will work best to create a lively, cheerful space. But not all homes are built in a way where they receive an adequate amount of natural light.

If that is the case, then the right ambient lighting fixtures can create a warm, aesthetically beautiful, and functional environment in your home. Recessed lighting, chandeliers, and wall lamps all make for a warm and inviting ambiance and a more relaxed mood while providing illumination. Installing dimmer switches will allow you to control the intensity of lighting and alter the ambiance of the space to achieve the look and feel you want.

For many homeowners, lighting comes as an afterthought when designing their interiors. But not many people realize that lighting is amongst the crucial aspects of interior design. Regardless of how well-designed your home is, poor lighting can kill its look, feel, and comfort.

Correctly lighting up your home interior will enhance the look of your home and make it a more inviting space to be in, all while embellishing your decor and other features.

Ultimately, the right light fixtures are essential to compliment all other elements of your home design and help you achieve the perfect balance between functionality, comfort, and style.

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