Hollywood Producer Spotlight: Cecilia Salguero

Hollywood Producer Spotlight: Cecilia Salguero #bevhillsmag #cecilliasalguero #hollywoodproducers #neymardocumentary
Hollywood Producer Spotlight: Cecilia Salguero #bevhillsmag #cecilliasalguero #hollywoodproducers #neymardocumentary

Neymar is one of the most famous and highest-paid athletes in history. NEYMAR is a hero on the field and a controversial figure off. The anticipated documentary ‘Neymar: The Perfect Chaos’, was produced by LA-based Argentinian producer Cecilia Salguero, who in the past has been responsible for a number of award-winning projects.

This three-part docuseries was directed by David Charles Rodrigues and get up close and personal with soccer star Neymar da Silva Santos. It will be released on January 25th

Cecilia Salguero is working against the clock since she moved to California. She was recently one of the producers of the successful HBO Max series ‘The Way Down’, produced also by Chrissy Teigen’s company.

The story being told is that of Gwen Shamblin Lara, the founder of a highly controversial church fellowship called the Remnant Fellowship Church, and curator of the disgraced weight-loss organization called ‘The Weigh Down Program.” This cult-like lifestyle that she founded was one that faced severe scrutiny, and the filming of this story exposes the cult-like movement and all that it encompassed.

This powerful woman is an example for young women and for Latinos who want to succeed in the film industry in the competitive town of Los Angeles.

Beverly Hills Magazine: You’ve worked in many different countries such as Argentina, Spain, and the U.S. What differences do you find between working in Los Angeles and other cities?

Cecilia Salguero: Yes, I’ve also lived and worked in Brazil for two years. The difference I see in Los Angeles is that people are generally very work-oriented and focused. I like how there seems to be a system for how things are done in production, more so than in other places. Work hours are very demanding.

Beverly Hills Magazine: You moved to Brazil to work as a Managing Director and Executive Producer of the São Paulo office of Stink, one of the biggest production companies in the world, which became the most desired company in the market at the time. What did it mean for your career to have created such success for the company?

Cecilia Salguero: This job was by far the most challenging of my career so far. The talent was there, to begin with, for sure, but it took a lot of work to build the company to work organically and to live up to the expectations set by the headquarters in London. It also was difficult to position a foreign company within the Brazilian market. This took time but the quality of the work prevailed. I also think after Stink started being a relevant name in the local market, the market started opening more and more to an international market. And this goes both ways, for foreign talent working there but also for Brazilian talent to succeed abroad.

Beverly Hills Magazine: For 8 years, you were the International Executive Producer of Argentinacine, one of the top production companies in your country, which was among the Palme d’Or top 10 production companies in the world at the Cannes Lions Festival in 2010. What projects did you work on through your years in the company?

Cecilia Salguero:  Yes, Argentinacine was the company where I had the opportunity to grow the most as a producer and I’m very grateful for that. I was there for a very long time and the people that I worked with felt like family and I’m still friends with a lot of them to this day. I worked on so many projects it would be impossible to enumerate. Some projects were great creatively and others maybe weren’t but we had fun shooting anyway and tried to deliver the best film possible every time.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What’s your biggest strength?

Cecilia Salguero: I think my biggest strength is generally keeping calm and a clear head in stressful situations. So, I’m able to make decisions and not panic even under challenging circumstances.

An agency producer that I respect a lot once told me that when I arrive to set everyone seems to calm down and feel reassured. I took that as a huge compliment.

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