Helping Your Products to Stand Out from the Crowd

Helping Your Products to Stand Out from the Crowd #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #investinmarketing #focusonpackaging #smallbusiness #makeyourproductstandout

Right now, times are tough for small business. Sure, there’s always been competition and the market has always been saturated, no matter what you specialise in providing. But the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has made things even harder for many of us. You can have a truly great product, but still find that your business is struggling or even facing collapse. Why? Well, restrictions, rules and guidelines in place to slow the spread of the virus are resulting in many businesses (such as cafes, restaurants, gyms and other high risk infection rate companies) not being able to operate, people losing their jobs and people having less money to spend. People are growing more reluctant to buy non essential goods and you’re really going to have to fight to make your products stand out and seem worthy of parting with cash for. This is going to be difficult. But it is possible. Here are a few suggestions that could help you along the way.

Focus on Packaging

Packaging serves an ultimately practical purpose. It is something that we wrap our products in for their own protection. Getting items from the manufacturer to customers with minimal damage and in as good shape as possible is a trying task, as, generally speaking, items may not always be handled carefully by all individuals transporting them from A to B. Packaging can help to protect your products from scratches, marks, dust, or contamination which could result in returns and losses. But packaging can serve a larger purpose while protecting the goods inside.

Packaging can also brand your products, helping them to stand out when they’re on the shelf. Good packaging can draw customers’ eyes to your products rather than competitors’ products. The right branded items can maximise sales. Special touches could be what makes or breaks a sale, pulling customers to you instead of competition. Consider things like Metal Labels, sustainable and eco friendly packaging and more.

Invest in Marketing

Sure, businesses are trying to cut costs where possible right now. But don’t make the mistake of reducing investment in your marketing department. Marketing is what’s going to draw people in to actually buying your goods, so it’s an essential tool for your business’ success. For now, let’s consider your mailing lists. Print marketing isn’t likely to be all too profitable right now, as people are spending time outdoors. People, however, are still regularly checking their emails. So, you should make sure that your company’s emails are appearing in their inbox and enticing them to make purchases with you. If you don’t have a mailing list, now is the time to set one up.

Put simply, a mailing list provides you with an effective means of getting in touch with your customers or potential customers, and consequently keeping your brand at the forefront of their mind. Add a mailing list sign up form to your website. Here, people can provide their email address and give you permission to send them marketing materials. Then, you can highlight your products through promotional emails!

Business is tough right now. But, chances are, you can make it through this! Hopefully, some of the above advice can help you along the way!

Martin Maina is a professional writer and blogger who uses his expertise, skills, and personal experience in digital marketing to craft content that resonates with audiences. Deep down, he believes that if you cannot do great things, then you can do small things in a great way. To learn more, you can connect with him online.
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