Guide To Designing With Mismatched Furniture

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In today’s era where abnormal is the new normal, mismatched pieces of furniture can make an eclectic paradise, if arranged in a neat, well-thought-of manner. The emphasis here is on neat arrangement since erratically thrown mismatched pieces can make a home look like a college dormitory of hand-me-down pieces. So, here is a guide with few decorating techniques to help you tie mismatched pieces together in the best possible way, creating cozy heavenly spaces.

Selecting the pieces

Thrift stores, yard sales make some of the best options for selecting interesting pieces to create mismatched spaces. Vintage pieces can make great additions to outdoor spaces if you know what to hunt for. For example, aluminum furniture with vinyl strapping is a common yard sale item that can look dingy and dated. However, revived with new vinyl in a bold color and a fresh coat of paint the chair can function as new. Paired with a teak outdoor sectional can create a mid-century vibe on your patio.

You can mix monochromatic with different tones of the same color or shades of different colors – that’s the beauty of making mismatched looking rooms. A simple way to mix things up is to choose pieces with varying textures in similar color schemes or in matching solid colors. This will create visual interest without feeling overly cluttered.

The idea is to pick a design, color or material that has the ability to create a sense of cohesion. For instance, white remains the common theme, allowing the rest of the dining area to be filled with dining chairs of different contrast colors such as gold, black, and so on. So, the secret to best mismatching – harmonize secondary objects around the primary piece. This is called ‘controlled chaos’.

Putting the pieces together to fill different spaces of your home

Understand the joy of transition by utilizing various ideas and themes. Ie if your home was built between the 40s and 50s, consider using various mid-century pieces to round out your decor. Choose varying upholstery while sticking to pieces with a simple form and warm woods.

Or if you’d like to go for a more contemporary vibe, be sure to choose sleek pieces with interesting shapes and sprinkle in natural accessories like dried flowers or natural rugs to balance the room from feeling sterile or cold.

If you’re a maximalist, embrace the concept of time travel, mixing up eras and centuries – luxury with rustic, classic with retro and so on. If you already have a vintage chair in your living room, consider including a contemporary couch that creates contrast with the chair. Style the existing pieces in the room with contemporary design and patterns.

Know that there are no rules to follow; break all the rules so long as the space feels cohesive and functions for its purpose.

Always remember creating unmatched, yet cohesive vibes with existing pieces of mismatched furniture is absolutely possible. It’s just about understanding and embracing the differences while creating balance whether through accessories, color, or design. After all, the design tells a story.

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