Great Bathroom Furniture Ideas For A Remodel

Great Bathroom #Furniture Ideas For A Remodel #homedesign #interiordesign #homeideas #remodel #home #remodeling #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
Great Bathroom #Furniture Ideas For A Remodel #homedesign #interiordesign #homeideas #remodel #home #remodeling #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Once you have your tub, toilet and basin organized the next major thing to look at is the bathroom furniture. This is the area where you can really show off your personal taste, and combine the practical with the beautiful, choosing items which make you happy every time you see them. That’s actually a pretty important thing considering the bathroom is a room you will be using every day. If you are considering a bathroom remodel, you will find many Fitted Bathroom Furniture (Suites & Sets) At Bathroom City UK to consider before you get started.

Here we have gathered some great furniture suggestions which will make any house shine, so feel free to use them as they are, or as a springboard for options you want to develop further. You may not want or need all the items of bathroom furniture covered here, but they are all worth a second look at least.

Choose a stylish heating system

There’s nothing worse than feeling cold in the bathroom, especially say when you are soaking in a lovely hot tub but know getting out into cold air will spoil it. If you have a smaller sized bathroom a decent heated towel rail may be all you need to keep it cozy. Most have various level settings, so in the coldest months you could probably leave it on low at busy times of the day and evening. They are generally slim built and fit flush against the wall, so they don’t take up too much space. If you really need a radiator look for a vertical type as these are tall and narrow, which avoids having to dedicate an entire wall to it; or you could look for a combined radiator-heated towel rail in a similar style.

Soften all the edges
Traditional bathroom furniture tends to be quite square, with edges that can easily catch your legs, so look for cabinets with curved or rounded edges instead. These are more pleasant to be around and they really look amazing – softening the entire look of a room instantly. Follow this through with mirrors, chairs, or anything else you add to the bathroom for the best results.

Think outside the box for storage
There’s nothing wrong with choosing a boxed-in vanity – after all, there’s plenty of storage and it’s out of sight, but you could instead look at using less traditional items to store your toiletries, cosmetics, towels and spare tissues. Look around on sites like Pinterest for ideas and you will see everything from kitchen display cabinets to adapted old grandfather clocks being re-purposed to this end.

Make the most of your walls
Floating shelves always look great, and show off your favorite toiletry items perfectly. As well as lotions and perfumes they are a nice place to keep or even light candles. This is a classic look, for something more contemporary consider boxed shelving or the fake step-ladder style storage options.

Loose ends
When you have decided on your bathroom furniture finish it all off with a fabulous floor, amazing wall tiles and lighting which can be as bright or as subtle as you choose it to be. If you are looking for ways to unclog a toilet without a plunger in your bathroom, this guide will help a lot.

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