Getting Your First Apartment? This Checklist Will Help!

Getting Your First Apartment? This Checklist Will Help! #moving #apartments #bevhillsmag
Getting Your First Apartment? This Checklist Will Help! #moving #apartments #bevhillsmag

Moving out can be incredibly challenging, especially if you have never lived on your own before. You might need to find the best neighborhood as well as rent apartment that is right for you. There are literally hundreds of decisions to make and details to keep in mind. That said, there are some important things you ought to keep in mind when selecting and moving into your first apartment. Use the checklist below to keep everything organized as you find and move into your first apartment. (Image Credit:  Jean van der Meulen/ Pixabay)

Essential Furniture

Furniture can be expensive, so even if you have an overview of how you would like your apartment to look, your bank balance might disagree. You may have to let go of your vision and go for something practical.

Remember that you can always start off with renting a furnished, move-in ready apartment like those provided by Blueground. Their completely equipped apartments come with all the essentials      you need so that you can just show up and start living. Blueground has many furnished apartments in Washington, D.C. and in other sought after locations around the world that are available for a minimum of 30 days. Staying in a serviced space for the mid to long-term while you get settled can help you feel more comfortable in your new city.  It can be the perfect stepping stone in the journey to finding your next permanent home.

If you decide to get the furniture yourself, you might have to choose just the essentials you need and what you cannot live without. These are:

  • Couches – Here, you can decide to go with older, second-hand couches that you can upgrade in the future. You can also decide to go all out and get new couches that you will keep for a very long time. Just be sure that they can fit in the space you have available.
  • Somewhere to eat – Even though you might not have a traditional dining area or sitting arrangement, it is always a good idea to get furniture that will be placed where you will have most of your meals. Remember that you can cut down on this expense if you rent a furnished apartment.
  • Artwork – Although this is more of an accessory than furniture, it is a good addition that helps add some personality and charm to your apartment.
  • Lighting and other fixtures – Add lighting to all areas of your apartment so that you have bright light in your apartment, ensuring it does not seem or feel gloomy.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a very important part of your apartment, so it has to be checked and outfitted the right way. Again, if you choose a serviced apartment, you can skip this step. Otherwise, make sure that all the essentials you need are available in the kitchen. This includes everything you need to prepare simple meals like pots and pans. You can add other kitchen essentials like bakeware, drinking glasses, wine glasses, coffee mugs, dishware for about 8 people in case you have visitors, dish towels, cleaning supplies, an oven, a microwave, knives and of course measuring cups and spoons.

Remember that all of these things can get expensive. So, you can just buy whatever you need when moving in and add to your kitchen as time goes on.

The Bedroom

Some people ignore the bedroom as we do not spend too much time there, especially if we are working or in school. That said, the bedroom should be comfortable enough so as to offer a good night’s rest.

When getting your first apartment, you should start with a good bed and mattress. Mattresses can and do get expensive, but it is important that you do not try to cut corners here. Get a good mattress with good support for your whole back. If you have to, you can cut back on some other furnishing so you can get the best mattress.

The mattress is not the only thing you ought to keep in mind. You will also need to buy bedroom curtains, pillows, bedsheets (always have two sets so you have a clean set when one is being washed or you have visitors), lamps, closet accessories (hangers, shoe racks, boxes, organizers) and under-bed storage. This storage is a good place to store extra bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets) or towels.

The Bathroom

This is another very important part of the apartment that a lot of people either ignore or skimp on. Try to get carriers and organizing boxes where you can keep all your toiletries. Also, get towels, bathmats, a shower curtain, a toothbrush holder, and a water cup. Don’t forget to get cleaning supplies, too.


Once all the above is done and you have some money left over, you can add some personality to your apartment. Some things to consider include:

  • Throw pillows – fun, inexpensive decor
  • Rugs – rugs can add color to an apartment and provide soundproofing
  • Curtains – curtains can warm up an apartment by breaking up the color or flow of your wall or wallpaper.
  • Decor – things like bookshelves, vases, books or other decorative objects

Moving into your first apartment can leave your head spinning. Using the moving checklist, you can keep everything organized and make sure it stays that way when getting your first apartment.

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