Get Ready To Netflix and Chill

Get Ready To Netflix and Chill
Get Ready To Netflix and Chill

Whether you’re flying solo, snuggling on the couch with your partner or hanging out with your buddies, a Netflix movie is a great way to pass some time. There’s just one dilemma though: “What are we going to watch?” (Image Credit: Mohamed Hassan/Pixabay)

Right now, there are more than 4,000 movies streaming on Netflix – so the argument over what to watch can last longer than the movie itself. The paradox of choice kicks in and the more options we have, the less likely we are to make a decision that satisfies everyone. 

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 These guys take their work seriously! Rather than creating yet another subjective list featuring their own preferences, they created a list of the top 50 films on Netflix with crowd-sourced information.

They aggregated the reviews viewers gave to movies currently on Netflix by looking at iMDB, RottenTomatoes and MetaCritic, as well as those on ‘New on Netflix USA’  and gave each movie a score out of 100 based on those findings to create their best of Netflix list.

The list gives a comprehensive picture of the kinds of movies Americans love, and there’s a diverse enough range of films that there is something for everyone. From classic British comedy Monty Python to fantasy like Lord of the Rings to the Godfather – and much more in between.

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 Here are the top movies on the list:

  • Schindler’s List: A deeply moving Spielberg movie about the holocaust and one man’s attempt to save as many Jewish children as he could
  • The Third Man: In post-war Austria, a man investigates the death of his childhood friend, suspecting there is more to the story.
  • Pulp Fiction: A cult classic crime drama that intersperses scenes of gratuitous violence with moments of humor.
  • A Separation: An Iranian film about the breakdown of a marriage and at a deeper level about the human condition
  • Apocalypse Now: Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, this is an epic tale set during the Vietnam War.
  • Pan’s Labyrinth: Described as Alice in Wonderland for adults, this movie features an array of magical, mythical creatures.
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail: A hilarious, sacrilegious British slapstick comedy that stands the test of time.
  • Cool Hand Luke: A 1967 film about a rebellious petty criminal who earns the respect of his fellow prisoners and the contempt of the guards with his antics
  • Roma: An indie flick that did well at film festivals in 2018 and then went on to earn 10 Oscar nominations

So enough with the arguments, we’ve whittled the list from 4,000 to the top 10 and that’s the hard work done. Still can’t decide? Our honest advice is to put another bag of popcorn in the microwave and choose a film each. In fact, make it a mission to watch them all by the end of summer.

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