Get Gorgeous with Beauty Products

Get Gorgeous with Beauty Products
Get Gorgeous with Beauty Products <3

They say beauty is only skin deep, which means just because a person may look good on the outside doesn’t mean they are beautiful on the inside. So our beauty isn’t necessarily our true beauty. True beauty shines through in the sparkle of your eyes, in the genuineness of your smile, and in the way you treat other people. Kindness is beautiful, friendliness is beauty in action. And when you’re beautiful on the inside, anything you choose to do to the outside, like glam up your hair or wear makeup, will just enhance your true natural beauty. Let’s take a closer look at some cool beauty products that we can play with to create various makeup styles whether for day time gatherings or evening occasions.

Bobbi Brown Caramel Eye Shadow Palette

First, let’s start with our eyes…I personally love a sexy smoky cat eye look for right time events You’ll love this rich caramel color palette from Bobbi Brown you can opt for a smaller tri-tone palette from ELF but we prefer having more colors to work with. It comes with 5 completes color shades that allow for perfect eye contouring and will give you a dramatic makeup style that will be dazzling. Remember, to use the golden shimmer shadow for your eyelid. This will really make your eyes sparkle. Once the shadow is complete, use this Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Set, Bobbi Brown’s ‘Long-Wear Eye Set’ is an edited selection of the beauty brand’s best-selling eye products. This travel-sized collection includes a long-lasting and smudge-resistant shadow, liner and mascara. The classic shades have been specifically selected to suit any skin tone. This will allow you to vamp up and add extra length to your lashes with the black mascara.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Set

Then to add the perfect feminine touches to your gorgeous makeup style, get this kissable lipstick from Tory Burch in a pink tone. Pink is always a pretty color for a woman to wear. Reds are great for more formal events, but pink can be worn anytime and for any occasion.

Tori Burch kissable Lipstick in PINK

Then add a spritz of this delightful scent with a harmony of white flowers, cedar woods and a drop of honey creates an encounter as feminine as the trail of an evening gown. An addictive, refined fragrance with a Mediterranean spirit from Elie Saab. The exceptional in the everyday. Notes: orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli, rose, cedarwood.

Elie Saab Stunning Scent!

Before all of these wonderful products that will transform the way you look, start with the world’s first aromatherapy diffuser that turns your shower into a spa. ESSIO works with virtually any shower to diffuse 100% organic essential oils into the shower for the first time. Instant aromatherapy when you need it most. Planning to make the most out of summer? Before you work on that tan, you might want to soak in the best nutrients Mother Nature has to offer. The signature botanical blends are just what your skin needs to feel alive, from within.

et Gorgeous with Beauty Products!Now you can have all the essentials to get gorgeous with beauty products.

What girl doesn’t love getting glam? The folks at Trust Fund take your outer beauty very seriously – that’s their business. They sell nail polish and lipstick products formulated with love in the U.S.A. and EU, which are always vegan and cruelty-free. If you are looking to minimize the toxic content you are exposed to, and you believe you can be beautiful without being cruel, Trust Fund is the cosmetics company for you. Needless to say, Trust Fund products are a must have for every woman, at any age.

Trust Fund Beauty




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