Gaâla: Contemporary French Apparel For Women

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About Gaâla:

Gaâla is a sustainable French fashion brand of clothing. From dresses, coats, tops, knitwear, jewelry and hair accesories, they have it all. Furthermore, they also have wedding gown and evening gown collections. Founded in 2019 by husband-and-wife Kelly de Gaalon and Alexander Zhalezka, the duo’s philosophy is to make timeless pieces crafted using luxurious upcycled textiles along with other high-quality and sustainable fabrics. Plus, at Gaâla, they have a zero-waste policy. Leftover cloth made into accessories or donated to other businesses. Let us now look at 5 stunning dresses from the eco-friendly brand.

Ramona Silk Dress (Pictured Above)

The first dress we have here is elegant and stunning Ramona Silk dress in black. Made from the finest upcycled anti-wrinkle satin acetate and fully lined with silk, it definitely is made with love for the earth while still exuding luxury. Furthermore, it features detachable pearl embellished straps which dramatically expose an open back. This dress gives us a French feel. Pair this with transparent pumps, or embellished stilettos and a clutch bag for a date night in the Eiffel Tower creating an unforgettable night. It also comes in red and champagne color.

Valentina Dress

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Next up is this romantic and sophisticated Valentina dress. Its wine color is definitely something that makes it stand out. Moreover, its cowl neckline, detachable freshwater pearl and open back features make it a perfect dress to wear for your handsome date. Rock this with a black blazer and black mid high heels for a more conservative look. It can also be worn as it is paired with silver strappy heels and diamond jewelry for a sexier look. This dress is also available in green.

Isadora Dress

Gaala Women's fashion dresses Beverly Hills Magazine 3 #fashion #shop #style #Gaâla #dresses #sustainablebrands #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Looking for a flirty, fun yet elegant style? The Isadora dress in cream is the perfect dress for you! Similar to the first two dresses, it has detachable pearls that make it look so chic and classy. Furthermore, silk and upcycled materials make up this lovely dress. Imagine the flow of this dress as you walk around the gorgeous streets of France or New York, heads will definitely turn! Don’t forget to pair it with comfortable heels and a mini chained handbag to complete the look.

Delilah Dress

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Tangerine is a great color for the Holidays. What better way to spend it than in the Delilah Dress in orange? This minimalist yet cutely detailed dress is so appealing. It features pearl strings at the back and is a midi length. High heeled Mary Janes or Oxfords totally give this dress an extra edge while still giving off a simple, classy vibe. Put a white or black cardigan on top of it too for a more conservative look.

Roslin Dress

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Lastly, we have this sexy back, casual front Roslin dress in Olive green color. The classic cut of this dress elongates your silhouette, skimming your curves before flowing down into an A-line skirt. Like all the dresses above, it is made from recycled Luxe matte silk. Luxury has never been so ethical thanks to Gaâla. A versatile dress, you can definitely wear this to work, topped with a blazer and then remove the blazer for after work cocktails. Stilettos, pumps and a mini handbag go hand in hand with this ensemble.

There you have 5 amazing, ethical yet jaw dropping pieces from Gaâla. There’s so much more to choose from so have a look at their website now and gift yourself or your loved ones a fabulous design this season. For more chic dresses we’ve featured, click here.

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