From the Lab Beauty Products

From the Lab Beauty Products
From the Lab Beauty Products

From the Lab is shaking up the beauty industry in a big way by bringing next generation beauty products to consumers — on a regular basis. The company offers a monthly subscription plan that delivers the future of beauty right to consumer’s doorsteps every month. From the Lab has partnered with the best independent cosmetic labs in the world – the same labs where high-end, brand-name cosmetic companies get their ingredients- to procure their most groundbreaking products. From the Lab forgets the marketing and unnecessary packaging to get these top formulas to market before prestige beauty brands do. By eliminating the frivolous materials and a lengthy, drawn-out distribution process, From the Lab is able to give its subscribers luxury beauty products at up to 18 months before they will even be available in the US market – and for 80% off of retail price.

Unlike other monthly subscription “beauty box” companies, From the Lab does not waste its money purchasing expensive brand name products just to give consumers a sample size that will only last for a couple of uses. From the Lab believes beauty isn’t what’s in the box – it’s how you look when you’re put together. From the Lab sends full size, one-month supplies of high-end beauty products in every package. Every month, the company releases a brand new, next generation product, and although each package is valued at $50 – $200 (on average over $100), subscribers’ pay as little as $19.92 per month.

Best Beauty Products

If consumers fall in love with some of the outstanding products they receive in the post, they are welcome to purchase more of it through the From the Lab website.

Co-founders and masterminds behind this groundbreaking beauty innovator, Lorraine Dahlinger and Steve Dworman tell us more about their innovative beauty products and why you want to receive them each month.

What makes it different from other companies of its kind? “We offer our members tomorrow’s beauty on their doorstep today. We want our members to be savvy about the science behind the beauty products they are using so we educate them with each new product they receive. Also, we use clinical grade products so members are getting the best products available before they hit retail shelves. ”

A veteran in brand development and design, Lorraine Dahlinger is the Co-Founder and President of From the Lab, a revolutionary beauty company giving women exclusive access to high-end beauty products before anyone else, at an affordable price.

Inspired by her own passion for high-end makeup and skincare, and savvy about the science behind it, Lorraine wanted to know “what works, what doesn’t, and how much I should pay for it.”  She founded the company in 2013 with partner and CEO, Steve Dworman.

Steve Dworman, CEO and Co-Founder of From The Lab, is one of the industry’s top innovators.  With nearly 25 years of experience in the marketing, production and beauty sectors, he has earned a reputation for launching, building and growing brands through his leadership and innovative strategies.

Recognizing a gap in the industry and the need for beauty guru’s to stay ahead of the crowd, Steve’s exciting new venture From The Lab launched in 2013 and provides in-the-know women the opportunity to receive top beauty products straight from the labs that produce them, 18 months before they are offered in retail by top beauty brands.

Best Beauty ProductsFrom the Lab fills a unique niche missing in the beauty industry by delivering innovative skin, hair, and color products straight to consumers.  “We bypass the lengthy timeline and other distractions that don’t have anything to do with the product itself, and we go directly to the source – the global labs that are manufacturing the most cutting-edge, revolutionary beauty today and delivering right to the doorsteps of our valued members.” Become a member today!

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