Finding the Best Subaru WRX Mods

Finding the Best Subaru WRX Mods #beverlyhills #beverlyhilllsmagazine #subaruWRX #heatshields #enginemap #pitchstopmount
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There are times when making modifications to your vehicle can be necessary. This is done to improve not only the aesthetic of the vehicle but the performance as well. It is important to find the appropriate mods, like finding Subaru WRX mods that are meant for that model.

There are a lot of mods to choose from, so how do you know which ones are the best for you? Here are a few of the best aftermarket modifications to make to your Subaru WRX that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Engine Remap

The WRX traditionally comes with a flat-4 engine, a 2.0-liter turbocharged piece of equipment that delivers 268 horsepower. Those familiar with mods know that you can’t really substitute for horsepower but you can make tweaks to get more out of it.

By having a remap done – starting at $995 – you can experience a major boost in power out of your engine. It is a great way to give a little jump to an otherwise decent factory engine.

An increase in turbo boost pressure is one of the most inexpensive ways of getting greater horsepower than you can find. For that reason, it makes for a truly awesome Subaru WRX mod.

Turbo Heat Shields

Because turbos generally work off of the exhaust steam, it gets to be quite hot. When you implement high-performance modifications, that heat can be even more extreme because of how much harder the turbo is working.

Since the turbo sits in the engine bay, it can make that particular space quite hot very quickly. All of which can reduce the life of silicone and rubber hoses, raise temperatures for air intake, and severely hurt the performance of your vehicle.

By implementing a heat shield or barrier, you can cut those temperatures down exponentially. The turbo can then spool a lot quicker and exhaust flow will improve exponentially.

Shift Knob

Though this is getting a bit granular, part of customizing your vehicle means covering the minute details. A shift knob Subaru WRX mod might be getting granular but it is a detail that can matter to you.

Keep in mind that the shift knob won’t really change the feel of your shifter much unless you go with a weighted option. But as one of the cheaper mods on the list, you can get one that looks and feels a little bit better than it otherwise would.

The cool thing is that shift knobs come in a ton of different colours and styles, making it simple to implement a little bit of “you” in the interior design. Just make sure that you get the right knob as they come in both 5- and 6-speed.

Pitch Stop mount

Not everyone wants to spend a fortune to modify their Subaru WRX. If you want to see a boost in performance without having to break the bank to do so, a new pitch stop mount can be a great way to do so.

Depending on where you look, it is quite easy to find one for under $100. The factory version has bushings that are made from rubber inserts. The difference between those and the aftermarket is that the latter has urethane bushings. Those new bushings are far more stable, solid, and are less prone to movement compared to the rubber variety.

The mount works by leveraging itself against the chassis when the engine puts out power. The result is far less movement in your engine, creating greater stability. Better stability means a better distribution of power and a better feel for the driver.

Final Thoughts

The number of mods that you implement into your Subaru WRX is only limited by your imagination and free time. There are any number of mods that can be installed either on your own or by a professional.

Finding the best Subaru WRX mods all depends on your personal tastes. From throw shifters to heat shields, shift knobs to brake lines, there is no end to the number of changes that you can make.

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