Fashion World: Mark and Estel

Fashion World: Mark and Estel
Fashion World: Mark and Estel

Mark and Estel a Malibu based fashion design house and musical powerhouse duo offers signature pieces including flowing dresses, iconic cut-outs, and ready to wear separates along with inspirational songs that inspire each new collection. A new generation of talent has emerged with Mark and Estel, where music and fashion become one; bringing melody and modern designs together. Fashion die-hards Mary-Kate Olsen and Lady Gaga can be counted amongst the number of celebrity fans of the brand’s rocker-chic yet comfortable silhouettes.

 A fated partnership that began ten years ago has blossomed into a major fashion brand selling in over 300 retail location around the world and throughout the U.S. Mark was a passionate guitar playing musician while Estel was an aspiring fashion designer attending FDIM, the pair met and as they say the rest is history. Their shared passion and vision for a new fashion world ignited their joint venture where they set out to stand out from the rest. And that is exactly what they do…

Fashion World: Mark and Estel

Where do you get your inspirations for each collection?

 Mark and Estel: Our collections are inspired by the music that we create. We usually create the song or album first then the design ideas flow from the rhythm and beats of the lyrics and melodies. There is a harmonious connection between the songs and the clothing.

 Tell us about your design process?

 Mark and Estel: They usually involved late nights and loud music. We immerse ourselves in the music and let it take over so that the ideas just naturally come forward. The collections wouldn’t be the same without the music that inspires them.

 What is the Mark and Estel fashion signature?

 Mark and Estel: Our brand is different from any other, because we truly incorporate music into everything. You can tell by the way the designs flow and how they effortlessly fall around the body. When you hear the music and look at the clothes you are able to see the translation; they are really fluid and flattering. Also all of our collections are made in the U.S.A and we don’t catalog our designs so that  you can purchase a favorite piece at anytime, not just seasonally.

 Fashion World: Mark and EstelWhat do you think of the fashion world?

 Mark and Estel: The beauty of the fashion world is that you really can have it all. Fashion should be liberating and inspiring. You should have fun with your own sense of style.

 How do you define style?

 Mark and Estel: Being you is the most important thing. You can look at the fashion and style around you, but don’t try to be like someone else. Be inspired by others, but always be yourself.

 What makes a look sexy?

 Mark and Estel: It’s really important to choose a silhouette that fits your body type. Some people look better than others in different styles, and that’s okay. You just have to find what works best for you and wear it with confidence. Confidence is sexy.

 What can our readers look forward to from the Mark and Estel collection?

 Mark and Estel: Very bold silhouettes and large chunky jewelry. Bigger and bolder!

 Fashion World: Mark and EstelWhat advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers out there?

 Mark and Estel: We say, be yourself and stay true to your own style. Keep going and always believe in yourself. Remember, to always let your own personality shine through in your work. That’s what makes it unique and special. People will always give you advice, learn from it, but listen to your own gut and trust it. Most importantly, have fun everyone, fashion should be fun!

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 Mark and Estel sells in over 300 retail locations internationally and throughout the US. In addition to the clothing line, the Mark and Estel team own the popular Malibu eatery Plate and will launch the Upper Deck Restaurant and Lounge on its rooftop in July 2014.

Watch the Mark and Estel runway show now:

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