Fashion Marketer: Where to Study to Get a Dream Job?

Fashion Marketer: Where to Study to Get a Dream Job? #fashion marketer
Fashion Marketer: Where to Study to Get a Dream Job? #fashion marketer

Fashion is fleeting and represents a global business. You may think the success of the business functioning of the fashion industry is unattainable without designers; in fact, fashion marketing plays not the last role for the business. (Image Credit: Mimi Thian/Unsplash)

Are you musing of a career in the fashion industry? Believe us: it is possible to become a flourishing fashion marketer! Look for tips on how to make your fashion obsession a dream job.

So, What Is Fashion Marketing?

Well, let us speak about what is fashion marketing, and why do we need it? We refer to marketing in the fashion industry as fashion marketing. A fashion marketing specialist advertises brands that work in the fashion industry.

Here we can present the skills for working in fashion marketing:

  • Knowledge of the specifics of the fashion market;
  • Knowledge of global trends;
  • Ability to analyze and process information;
  • Relevant knowledge in marketing, ideally confirmed by a diploma of a prestigious university;
  • Knowledge of professional vocabulary.

A prosperous fashion marketing manager should stay active, energetic, confident, and creative. Systemic thinking, the ability to make long-playing plans, and consistently implement them play a critical role. Analytical skills, the ability to build a strategy and determine causal relationships will not interfere.

However, you need not only to be a skilled marketing specialist but also to learn all the nuances of the fashion industry. You should be easy-going, diplomatic, and persistent. An expert in fashion marketing also studies fresh trends.

How Can You Attain the Goal?

Before starting your career in the industry of fashion, take courses or an academic study in marketing. How to choose the best options?

A short course can be a suitable option to get the profession of a specialist in marketing besides entering universities. You can choose the most prestigious of them abroad, such as Vogue, MFC (Milan Fashion Campus), IED (Istituto Europeo di Design Florence), BAU (BAU Design College of Barcelona), and other well-known organizations. Training in them is expensive, but it allows gaining knowledge and practical skills focused on work in fashion advertising.

Try the Summer Marketing for Luxury Course

Program participants will learn how leading companies determine the best marketing strategies for luxury goods. In the classes, they talk about ways to optimize the economic distribution, production aspects, about methods of increasing brand awareness and strengthening the image of the company.

Graduates of the course can draw up a marketing plan for luxurious products and services, making them prestigious and desirable for the clients. The course takes place in Milan, the pieces of training are in English, and the course duration is three weeks long.

Apply for a Semester Course of Fashion Business & Marketing

The program provides knowledge of business and marketing strategies designed for the fashion and luxury industries. In the classes, they examine past and current marketing strategies used by the best fashion houses,

teach to maintain an image, promote a brand through various media. To become a fashion and marketing professional, we recommend that you complete this course after a 3-year undergraduate program. The course takes place in Florence, Paris. The learning languages are English, Italian, and French. The course duration is five months long.

One-Year Course Fashion Business & Marketing Intensive

During the course, students get essential experiences without which success in marketing is impossible – branding, buying, managing, communication, digital marketing, and styling. The program teaches determining the best marketing strategies, optimize economic and production aspects, introduce the tools for measuring financial performance. It takes place in Milan, Florence, and Paris. The learning languages are English, Italian, and French. The course duration is 1-year long.

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What Are the Career Perspectives?

Such a professional can work in the advertising department of any organization connected with the fashion industry. Sometimes, it is possible to work in a remote format (for example, maintaining a brand page on Instagram) or provide advisory services.

An experienced specialist who can show successful cases of reputable brands during employment might receive a high salary. But only when working in an equally large and promising company that can afford to allocate impressive amounts for advertising and payment for its maintenance. Small organizations with modest budgets cannot offer a high salary to a fashion marketer, but working you can gain much-needed experience.

A fashion marketing specialist can improve the skills and expand the knowledge, applying for an even higher salary, and can also head the company’s advertising department.

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