Expert Tips for Planning an Efficient Office Layout

Expert Tips for Planning an Efficient Office Layout #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #office #comfortableoffice #efficientoffice #officelayout #vestraofficedesign #sustainableoffice #officefurniture #business
Expert Tips for Planning an Efficient Office Layout #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #office #comfortableoffice #efficientoffice #officelayout #vestraofficedesign #sustainableoffice #officefurniture #business

How you choose to furnish your office space will have a big impact on your employees’ productivity and your brand image. New business owners forget to dedicate enough time to considering various important details that, at first glance, might seem simple. Your employees will spend most of the day cooped up inside an office. Consequently, you need to make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible. (Image Credit: Cadeau Maestro/Pexels)

This means paying attention to all the details, big and small. From the material you choose for your floors to the placement of electrical outlets, it all matters. Here are some expert tips to get help you plan your own efficient office layout.

Mind Your Type of Business 

Your specific type of business is a good place to start planning for an efficient layout. A sales office with traveling employees has different need than a telemarketing company with 9 to 5 desk workers. Take the time to think about the different functions you will be having in your office. From there, try to think about the most logical layout for your office. For example, if you relate more to the traveling salespeople model, then it’s better to invest more in smart solutions that would support your employees on the road. This will be more efficient than wasting money on lavish office accessories that will barely be used. 

Proper Space Utilization is Key

Even if you have a tiny office, there are many ways to best utilize the space you have to ensure your employees’ comfort and ease of movement. There should be enough space for people to move around the desks without bumping into one another. Professional office fit-out companies use standard measurements for optimum results.

If you live in Sydney, Australia, then you probably know how expensive the renting cost per square meter is, which is why you need efficient space utilization. According to the fit-out professionals at Vestra office designs, maximizing the space you have is not about the budget or dimensions; it’s all about creativity. Functional spaces are what you should be focusing on. Finding the right talent to entrust with your office layout planning will take a huge burden off your shoulders and set you off on the right path for achieving the layout efficiency you desire. 

Keep Your Focus on Your Employees Comfort and Safety 

Engaging your employees in the process and listening to their needs will help you immensely in ensuring an efficient office layout. Listen to your team’s ideas, if they express concern over slippery marble floors, consider other safer options like wooden parquet. If the majority of your employees vote for a secluded room to take long business calls, discuss it with your office fit-out designers and try to make it happen to keep your employees satisfied and productive.

Make sure you include the bathroom in your planning, as oftentimes this area gets completely overlooked. Working with expert toilet partition manufacturers can significantly improve the look of your new office bathroom.

As long as your employees’ ideas don’t conflict with your brand image, you should try to implement them. 

Keep Sustainability in Mind

Sustainable offices are becoming more than just a trend, nowadays, which is actually great news for both the environment and your bottom line. Small tweaks like utilizing daylight to light your office will keep your employees motivated and save you a fortune in your overhead expenses. 

Installing motion-detecting water taps is also a great way to save water without affecting their functionality. Furthermore, having your brand associated with social responsibility and the wellbeing of the environment will help you become an employer and brand of choice in the market. 

Opt For a Flexible Environment

Since each and every one of your employees will understandably have different needs, you need to opt for creating a flexible workspace environment. Try to add a little bit of everything, have a “quiet” room, and a “fun” room. You will be surprised how much of a positive impact this important detail will have on your employees’ performance. 

Think About the Future

Don’t design an office for the handful of employees that you currently have. Instead, focus on designing a scalable space that can grow with your business. Not only will this save you the costs of finding and designing a new place in the future, but it will also reflect a promising image for both your employees and visiting clients. Even when you decide to move out, when you keep the future element in mind when planning your office layout, it should be easier to pack your office furniture and belongings and move it to the new space. 

Planning your office layout requires a lot of strategizing. Use the above tips to help you create a space where your employees can thrive. After all, a happy employee will give you their best efforts. Hiring a professional office layout company will save you the hassle of a redesign. And, more importantly, give you the time and space to focus on more pressing business matters. Remember to enjoy the process as you work towards building your brand from the ground up. 

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