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Dubai – The Ultimate Shopping Destination for Exclusive Items

It is a known fact that that Dubai has been ranked as the world’s most exclusive shopping destination in the Arab world. Even the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) verified the claim.  Shopping festivals such as Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and Dubai Summer Surprise (DSS) have helped in proclaiming Dubai as a global luxury shopping heaven.  Proactive marketing initiatives are regularly conducted by DTCM for promotion of travel and tourism activities.It’s a dream come true for shopper s from all over the world seeking the best of luxury.  Whatever you need, just name it and you will find it when you visit Dubai from big aircraft planes to designer dresses to luxury goods to exotic jewelry.  However, it’s always safe to consult an online magazine website before visiting the place to know what to lookout for when you land in the land of shoppers.

 Here is an exclusive guide to where you should go and what you should expect when you travel to Dubai with حجز فنادق

 Hunt for Bargains

If you love to bargain, be prepared to do a lot of walking, fending off hoard of over eager hawkers and display a bit of haggling skills.  Isn’t this exactly what you need to kick off your shopping?  For the best bargains and buys in the city, consider visiting the following:

Al Karama

The bustling street of Al Karama is the best to find a killer bargain.  Here you can find convincing knock-off designer watches, luxury handbags, accessories, clothes sunglasses and luggage.  If you’re able to dodge the ever-harassing hawkers you’ll be lucky to find quaint souvenirs, glamorous garments like harem pants, kaftans, pashminas and gorgeous home accessories like pillow cases, table cloths, stained glass lights and vases.

Gold Souk

You will find Gold Souk in Bur Dubai (also known as City of Merchants).  Here you will witness a wonder world of jewelry, exclusive Ali baba shoes and fabrics that are worth taking home. If by chance you happen to be the first customer of the day, you can expect a significant price slash! This is the world’s largest shopping mall and covers a total area of 12.1 million sq ft and consists of 1200 stores.  It’s so massive that you could easily get lost there; in case you don’t manage to find your way out, don’t hesitate to consult the information centre.

Mall Madam

Dingy markets are not your type, are they now? Well that’s not a problem because suitable shopping malls are a dime a dozen in Dubai.  If you make it to the right one, you will be surprised to find how affordable things are.

Deira Mall

You can pick up good deals on a good selection of electronics, cameras, and cell phones on par.  If you visit Dubai during summer, you’re likely to find huge discounts on winter apparel.

Visit Dubai
Visit Dubai

Dubai Festival City Mall

Have some time to kill before you take off on your flight? Then go and visit Dubai Festival City Mall.  You can find a good range of items at reasonable prices.


Souk Madinat

Between the splendid waterways and world’s leading hotels, this exquisite indoor market has been constructed to recreate an old-fashioned charm found at the spice and gold souks at a very steep price.  Here you will find exclusive items like neatly carved figurines, wooden furniture, and a variety of silk and Kashmir fabrics.


Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates is one of the most glamorous shopping malls in the city of Dubai.  It’s the home to Ski Dubai – a real life ski resort comprising of slopes, tobogganing, penguins and ski lifts.

Dubai is definitely a heaven on earth when it comes to exclusive shopping opportunities. However, in addition to shopping it also offers other great fun opportunities such s desert safari, cruises and delicious cuisines. As your trusted luxury online magazine website, Dubai is a hub in the world for beautiful things of exclusive luxury.

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