Essential Tips for Drinking Wine – A Beginner’s Guide

Even though wine drinking has become very popular over the years, there are still a lot of people who are afraid to try it. (Image Credit: Pexels) Many people are under the impression that they need to know a lot about the various rules and rituals surrounding wine drinking. However, as many wine connoisseurs point out, drinking wine should be all about enjoying yourself. In fact, for beginners, finding out what you like is a process of trial and error. Here are some tips on how newbies can start exploring the world of wine. Remember too that you can thicken alcohol for dysphagia, so there’s no need to miss out if you have trouble swallowing.

Start with a Sweet Wine If You Have No Idea About Wines

If you have been drinking sodas, iced teas or juices, starting with a sweet wine with a low alcohol content can be a good idea. Often, the sweetness offsets the strong bitter taste of tannins. It’s the flavor of tannins that take most beginners by surprise. Buying wine for the first time can be daunting due to the sheer amount of choices. Ask the salesperson for advice. And don’t fret about the correct pronunciation of the name.

Don’t Go by First Impressions

There is a bewildering choice of wines staring at you from the supermarket shelves or online wine retailers like Sokolin Fine Wines. Whichever type you pick up the first time; white, red, sparkling, rose, etc., it is important that you do not rush into forming an opinion. You should try buying different labels of the same wine for at least half a dozen times before deciding whether you like it. Wine flavor differs between manufacturers and regions. Also, it may help to ask a friend for recommendations.

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(Image Credit: Pexels)

Don’t Gulp Your Wine Down

Wine is always best enjoyed slowly. Pour the wine into the glass, admire the color, and swirl it around gently. This swirl is not for show. It actually releases the subtle flavors that are important for the wine drinking experience. After sniffing in the aromas, taste it with your tongue. Then concentrate on the feel as it slides down your throat. Often you will find the aftertaste truly enjoyable. According to, the ability to properly sniff wines is key to developing a discerning palate.

Don’t Geel Compelled to Stick to Conventional Meat or Fish Pairing

There is a long-standing convention among wine drinkers to pair red wines with red meat and white wines with fish. However, it is not really necessary to stick with this belief. At the end of the day, as all wine experts say, it is all about personal preferences.

It is important not to be intimidated by the various traditions and conventions that wine connoisseurs have built over the ages. When you are exploring the world of wine for the very first time, you will need to experiment a fair bit. Take the time to discover what you like and what you do not. Never equate price with quality; some cheap wines can be excellent buys.

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