ENAMOURE: Fabulous Handbags For Every Fashionista

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Enamoure is a sustainable Belgian brand of handbags, accessories and belts. Founded in February 2021 by Estelle Hanet, their main goal is to empower women’s freedom, fierceness and independence. Furthermore, the accessories offered strive to be like the wearer’s personality, integrity, free spiritedness and honest expression. What’s even better is it is also an ethically aware brand. All the handbags of Enamoure are water based glue and have low impact. They are cruelty free and non toxic as well. Truly a brand good to invest in! Let us now take a good look at 5 unique and gorgeous designs.


The first fabulous handbag we have here is inspired by Georgiana Cavendish (an empowered woman during the 18th century, being the Duchess of Devonshire and an English socialite and known to be kind and loyal till the end), the Georgie Vanity Bag. Made of faux snake skin and  biodegradable leather this bag does not harm the environment. It features a magnetic lock, a detachable golden chain, and cotton lining. Additionally, it is made from recycled leather with non-toxic dyes and water based glue. This box -like hang bag is so stylish and cool you just got to have it!


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The second handbag we have here is this feminine and chic Simonne Pop baguette in violet. This handbag comes in 2 other colors namely white and yellow. Furthermore, it from biodegradable leather with gold details. It features smooth leather embellished with the Enamoure logo, as well as another logo dangling from a gold chain on the sides. This is such an elegant, minimalist and girly bag that every woman must have in her collection! I can just imagine wearing this anywhere, and anytime of the day, it is that versatile. From doing casual errands in your jeans and crop top, to bringing it in the office, and finally to hanging out with the ladies at a cocktails after-work event, this bag will not disappoint!


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The third super cool and funky handbag we present to you is this Rhiannon beaded handle in black. Made from up cycled leather with non-toxic dyes, doing no harm to the environment. Furthermore, it features a beautiful pearl handle and a removable chain, a magnetic lock, detachable golden chain and cotton lining. The unique design of this petite bag is perfect for a more formal gathering. I can imagine wearing this with a short dark toned dress for a date. It can also be paired with that long golden strapless dress and embellished black stilettos for that gallery premier. You won’t fail to look classy and unique with this in your hand!


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The fourth modern designed handbag we bring to you is the Nazarine black shoulder scoop. Like all the other bags mentioned here so far, this too is made from up cycled leather with non-toxic dyes and water-based glue. It features black biodegradable leather and natural drill canvas with gold details. Moreover, it has a magnetic lock, a non-detachable handle, zip closure, and cotton lining. I can imagine wearing this bag for a day at the mall with your family, or while you are casually running your errands. This bag brings out your beauty, femininity and strength to face the day!


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The fifth and final handbag we have here is this timeless, chic and versatile Mallory soft baguette. It comes in one other color, light brown. It features biodegradable leather with gold details, magnetic lock, non-detachable handle, zip closure and cotton lining. Additionally, it is sustainably made with non-toxic dyes and water-based glue. This handbag is the perfect match for someone who is feminine with a free-spirit. I can imagine wearing this with matching a baby pink short dress and white boots, Elle Wood, Legally Blonde style. Matching it with a basic outfit like a white crop top and jeans also brings a good contrast or pop of color.

To summarize, we looked at 5 very unique and ethically made handbags that will be hard to resist adding to your collection. What are you waiting for and grab yours now at Enamoure! To check out more handbag designs click here.

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