Elegant Superyacht: SO NICE 131 Ft’

Elegant Superyacht: SO NICE 131 Ft' #beverlyhills#beverlyhillsmagazine#Superyacht #LuxuryCruising #SO_NICE_131ft #ElegantDesign #StateOfTheArtAmenities #UltimateComfort #OceanAdventure #YachtingLifestyle #BoatingLife #TravelGoals#SONICEYACHT

Welcome aboard the extraordinary motor yacht SO NICE , a true masterpiece obtained from the cooperation between Ed Dubois, Donald Starkey, and Alloy Yachts. This exceptional vessel offers a lavish and comfortable journey across the oceans. SO NICE engages with its distinct highlights and timeless grace, making a lasting impression whether in a harbor or sailing on open waters. Moreover, The flybridge, a favorite area among guests, boasts a stocked bar, BBQ station, rejuvenating Jacuzzi, and expansive Sunbathing zone. Additionally, SO NICE superyacht a shiny teak dining table, protected by an aluminum canopy, creates a charming setting for up to eight guests. Moreover, Embark on a voyage of luxury and peacefulness aboard motor yacht SO NICE. Every moment on board promises an unforgettable experience..

Elegant Superyacht: SO NICE 131 Ft' #beverlyhills#beverlyhillsmagazine#Superyacht #LuxuryCruising #SO_NICE_131ft #ElegantDesign #StateOfTheArtAmenities #UltimateComfort #OceanAdventure #YachtingLifestyle #BoatingLife #TravelGoals

Special Traits:

SO NICE presents a classic design and highest standards of quality, exuding style and flawless artistry. It offers a spacious 5-stateroom layout, as well as an on-deck master suite with an attached office for lavish comfort and privacy. With a tender garage and shallow draft, it provides convenient storage and access to various destinations. The yacht has low engine hours, ensuring reliability and efficiency. The expansive sundeck is a standout feature, featuring a jacuzzi and beautiful views for relaxation and entertainment. SO NICE has never been authorized, maintaining its pristine condition and uniqueness. Embark on a remarkable voyage aboard motor yacht SO NICE, where its design, construction, layout, tender garage, draft, low hours, sundeck with jacuzzi, and pure condition create an unique experience.

Elegant Superyacht: SO NICE 131 Ft' #beverlyhills#beverlyhillsmagazine#Superyacht#soniceyacht #LuxuryCruising #SO_NICE_131ft #ElegantDesign #StateOfTheArtAmenities #UltimateComfort #OceanAdventure #YachtingLifestyle #BoatingLife #TravelGoals


Welcome to the impressive accommodations of this magnificent yacht. Designed to provide utmost comfort and luxury, it can accommodate up to 12 guests. The spacious interior ensures ample room for relaxation and enjoyment. With 5 well-appointed staterooms, guests have a private sanctuary to retreat to. A dedicated crew of 7 professionals is ready to cater to every need. Their attentive service enhances the overall experience. The accommodations offer a harmonious blend of comfort and style. Every detail has been carefully considered for a memorable journey. Experience luxury and relaxation on board this exceptional yacht. The accommodations cater to your every need..


Alloy Yachts, renowned for their expertise and craftsmanship, built this exceptional yacht in 2009 and carried out a refit in 2022 to ensure quality and modern amenities. The stunning exterior design is by Ed Dubois, known for attention to detail. The interior is a testament to Donald Starkey Designs’ artistry. Donald Starkey has created a luxurious and inviting ambiance that complements the yacht’s design.

Elegant Superyacht: SO NICE 131 Ft' #beverlyhills#beverlyhillsmagazine#Superyacht #LuxuryCruising #SO_NICE_131ft #ElegantDesign #StateOfTheArtAmenities #UltimateComfort #OceanAdventure #YachtingLifestyle #BoatingLife #TravelGoals


This impressive yacht measures 39.93 meters (131’00”) in length and 8.5 meters (27’11”) in beam. Its spacious design offers ample room for guests to enjoy. With a draft of 2.31 meters (7’07”), it can navigate various water depths. The yacht has a gross tonnage of 299 GT, showcasing its size and spaciousness. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the hull is made of durable aluminum, ensuring strength and stability. Moreover, The material also contributes to the yacht’s performance and efficiency.


This yacht cruises comfortably at 13 knots, providing a smooth journey. It can reach a maximum speed of 16 knots for exhilarating experiences. With a cruise range of 2,400 nautical miles, it allows exploration without sacrificing comfort or efficiency. The impressive range is 4,000 nautical miles for extended voyages. Powered by two Caterpillar engines with 1,400 horsepower each, the yacht ensures smooth sailing and reliable navigation. Moreover, it is equipped with two Kohler generators, each with a power output of 70kW, ensuring seamless operation of onboard systems and amenities.

Elegant Superyacht: SO NICE 131 Ft' #beverlyhills#beverlyhillsmagazine#Superyacht#LuxuryCruising #SO_NICE_131ft #ElegantDesign #StateOfTheArtAmenities #UltimateComfort #OceanAdventure #YachtingLifestyle #BoatingLife #TravelGoals



This yacht holds the prestigious classification of Lloyd’s Register (LR), known for its rigorous standards. The flag proudly flown is that of the Cayman Islands, renowned for excellence in yacht registration and administration. In addition to this, the stabilizer system ensures a smoother and more comfortable experience on board, minimizing yacht movement and reducing the impact of rough seas. It creates a steady and serene environment, particularly beneficial for guests prone to motion sickness.


Additionally, Ed Dubois, Donald Starkey, and Alloy Yachts collaborated to craft the motor yacht SO NICE, a true masterpiece. They designed this yacht with a timeless style and impeccable construction to provide luxurious and comfortable experience to its guests. Moreover, they meticulously designed every aspect of SO NICE, from the stunning flybridge to the spacious accommodations, to ensure utmost elegance and comfort. Whether moored in a bustling harbor or gracefully sailing across open waters, this top-tier yacht leaves a lasting impression.

Elegant Superyacht: SO NICE 131 Ft' #beverlyhills#beverlyhillsmagazine#Superyacht#LuxuryCruising #SO_NICE_131ft #ElegantDesign #StateOfTheArtAmenities #UltimateComfort #OceanAdventure #YachtingLifestyle #BoatingLife #TravelGoals

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