Dream Cars: Range Rover Overfinch

Dream Cars: Range Rover Overfinch
Dream Cars: Range Rover Overfinch

Before we start this article, one thing needs to be made clear. This is not some brand new model you’ve never heard about. If you’ve never heard of overfinch before, they’re an independently owned company who give the normal range rover a little bit of a makeover. hey are exclusive dream cars for those who want something a little different.  They own the range rover’s themselves, but you can have ones custom made if you wish to. They’re the definition of luxury. Think of the top end Range Rovers, but on steroids. You can pick from the following choices; Sport, Evoque, Defender, and the Discovery. For this particular article, we’re going to discuss the Sport. Hopefully, this will encourage you to buy this dream car!


The first thing you’ll notice about the overfinch is the spectacular face lift from the front. You can definitely sense a bit of anger coming from the car just by looking at the front grill. The LED carbon fibre front lights accentuate the front of the car This angry theme is followed all the way through the car. Most of the Overfinch Sports are lowered, and depending on what package you have, the more features you’ll get. For the purpose of this article we’re going to talk about the top range. At the back, you’ve got a carbon fibre spoiler that has been designed to be similar to the rear bumper. The rear bumper looks just as mean as the front one. The exhaust system is similar to the normal range rover sport but has been integrated into a diffuser to add a little more attention to detail. The alloys aren’t the same as what you’d find on a normal rangerover either. They’re Leggero 22” wheels, with a range of different alloys depending on what you prefer. Some suit the car a little better than others. The car also comes complete with the legendary Overfinch logo on the front, and badge on the rear. All fitted extras such as the bumper are made of carbon fiber for that extra touch of class. For all this however, there is a bit of a price tag involved. For a brand new custom made Overfinch, you’re looking to spend around $220,000. If this seems like a bit of a push to you, but you love the car, then think about car title loans completely online applications. It’ll give you quick and easy access to the money you need to buy your dream car.


Dream Cars: Range Rover Overfinch


This is where the Overfinch really shows its strength. The best thing about it is you can customize how you’d like it to look, and what features you’d like it to contain. The seats are made purely from leather, and you can add in massaging seats if you wish to. There are also packages which let you chose a carbon fiber material mixed in with the leather. Only the finest handcrafted veneer woods are used through the interior. You really are going to be sitting in a classy car if you choose one. Both the front seats have arm rests both sides, and is adjustable in multiple ways for optimum levels of comfort. There’s plenty of space in the front and back, so this will make a super cool family car if that’s what you’re looking for. You can literally have any interior you wish for in terms of color and style. If that doesn’t scream luxury, we don’t know what will.

Under The Hood

This is where the real work happens. Under the hood, you’ll find a 5.0 litre V12 turbocharged beast of an engine. The power capabilities of this car are just huge. Aside from the supersport, it is the most powerful overfinch on offer. The output of the engine is around 585 bhp, enough to throw you into your seat at any moment. The noise the engine pumps out of the exhaust system is truly incredible. There’s not a roar quiet like the one of a Range Rover Overfinch elsewhere. It can reach 0-60 in 5 seconds which may not seem like much to some people. But the weight of the car is heavy, so the power needed to propel it to 60mph in 5 seconds is huge. The standard ECU of the sport is remapped with the Overfinch, and other changes are made elsewhere to ensure maximum yield from the supercharger.  Despite all this power, the top speed of the Overfinch is only 145 mph, which is a bit of a letdown when you take into account all the added extras and fine-tuning.

All in all, the Overfinch Sport is such an amazing car to own. It’s the perfect mix of luxury and sport. You’ll have a very dominant presence on the road if you go for this dream car.

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