Dream Cars AUDI R8

Dream Cars ~ AUDI R8
Dream Cars ~ AUDI R8

AUDI has won the hearts of many fans of the worlds sports dream cars with its impressive and ever so cool AUDI R8.

This exotic sports car offers exceptional performance and a comfortable ride, along with its incredible good looks. But that’s not all this beauty has to offer. We have to mention the sensational roar of this beast of a car. Its growl is nothing short of tantalizing; it makes you want to race with the best of them. The air intake simply purrs with a crisp clarity like the sound of the wind. A very powerful wind.

With a winning combination of adaptive suspension which adjusts to road conditions and driving style complete with all wheel drive makes this luxury dream car a favorite on the track. There are currently three engine options available for this one of a kind luxury daily driver; a 560 horsepower R8 GT, a 430 horsepower R8 4.2, and a R8 5.2 with a still powerful 525 horsepower, with V-8 and V-10 options. Of course, it’s all about personal preference when choosing your options in one of the coolest new dream cars in the world. It comes available in a 6 speed manual or a six speed automatic manual transmission; though the GT comes with the automated manual as standard equipment. The 2013 model will include LED headlights and taillights for that extra race car look and feel, and let’s applaud AUDI’s updates on the iconic vehicle grille which now features beveled upper corners for more sports car appeal. Audi has also swapped last year’s R tronic single-clutch six-speed automatic for a new S tronic seven-speed dual-clutch auto. The new transmission will definitely make for a smoother driving experience.

Dream Cars ~ AUDI R8

With just these simple modifications to one of our favorite dream cars in the world, we are excited to see what future generations of sports cars AUDI has waiting to unveil. Where are the keys?!

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