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A renowned urologist and male sexual health expert, Dr. James Elist is our notable guest on today’s interview with business leaders.

He runs a private Beverly Hills clinic on male sexual health, male sexual enhancement, and male fertility. With over 40 years of experience in the urology field, he’s touted to be the best penis enlargement surgeon in the world.

Not that being his only feat, he is the first surgeon in the Los Angeles area to perform surgical procedures involving penile prosthetics manufactured by the American medical systems.

Also, he is most famous for inventing the first penile implant for aesthetic enhancement called Penuma. Penuma is a permanent surgical implant used to shape the length and girth of the penis. However, the procedure is reversible.

As a man of many firsts, Dr. James Elist tells us all about himself in this interview:

Beverly Hills Magazine: Tell us a little background about yourself? Where did you grow up, childhood, education, etc…?

Dr. James Elist: I grew up in a middle-class family in Tehran. I knew from an early age that I was passionate about medicine, so I pursued Medical School in Tehran.

After graduation, I served 2 years in the Imperial Air Force, then I came to the US where I attended George Washington University and completed my surgical-urology residency at Washington Hospital Center.

All through my life, I have been trained in 3 different institutions, and I was fortunate enough to receive the best education.

Beverly Hills Magazine: When did you decide you wanted to be a urologist and why?

Dr. James Elist: During my residency and rotation through different subspecialties in surgery, I rotated through the department of Urology. I noticed that this subspecialty allowed me to help both the patient, partner and their family.

I noticed that patients with infertility and male sexual dysfunction were not only my patient but so was their spouse. This made me very satisfied and happy which gave me a lot of satisfaction to be part of their family.

Therefore, I decided to choose Urology as my specialty to help not only my patients but to also help their family have a child and live a happy life.

At the present time, I have a pinboard in my office with pictures of some of the children who have been born after treating their parents, and on top of the board, I have a sign that says “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”.

Beverly Hills Magazine: You specialize in penile enlargement, who is eligible to become your client?

Dr. James Elist: Within the past 20 years as part of my specialty, I have decided to treat a group of patients that desire penile enhancement.

This group of patients are men with low self-confidence, low self-esteem, some who have a buried penis, retractile penis, or are suffering from mild to moderate penile curvature.

These are the main types of patients that seek out treatment, and with the FDA-cleared, patented PENUMA implant, I have been able to help most of these patients.

Beverly Hills Magazine: How do you prepare for a surgery day?

Dr. James Elist: I prepare myself with a good night’s sleep, early morning meditation, positive thinking, and a positive attitude. I try to do the best for my patients and always lead them in the best direction.

Beverly Hills Magazine Dr James Elist

Beverly Hills Magazine: How do you recover after performing an intensive procedure?

Dr. James Elist: After I finish my surgery, I meditate or study classes on spirituality and learning in my office before going back home.

When I get home at the end of the day, I read quotes and books that boost my energy and deepen my connection to the Higher authority.

Beverly Hills Magazine: How do you feel when you meet or exceed a client’s expectations?

Dr. James Elist: To accomplish the mission of serving a patient, I always give them my best, and I always strive to exceed their expectations – this is one of the most satisfying experiences that I feel.

Every time a patient comes back and is happy with the results, I always consider this to be a mission accomplished.  

Beverly Hills Magazine: How do you feel when you fail to meet a client’s expectations?

Dr. James Elist: I always empathize with my patients. In case, they do not see or feel like I fit their expectations, I do my best in the beginning and always let them know if there’s any other way to achieve better results.

I always attempt to give the patient peace of mind by being available for them and let them know that financial cost is not important, emphasizing I am always trying to help and will do the best for them.  

Beverly Hills Magazine: How does God play a hand in your life? And have you ever experienced divine intervention while in surgery? Like an epiphany, etc. 

Dr. James Elist: During the day and in surgery, I always feel that I am connected to God.

There have been many “aha” moments that I have experienced during surgery and while being in the OR. These moments of clarity lead to answers that assist me to do better in helping my patients.

Beverly Hills Magazine: How do you effectively balance your professional and personal life?

Dr. James Elist: For a surgeon, it is difficult to have a balanced life, but I have learned over the years that with spirituality and meditation you can learn how to connect yourself to the highest authority and be able to divide difficult professional times from personal life.

I try to do that by starting every day with meditation and at the end of the day again with short courses of spirituality.

Meditation helps me keep the balance between my professional and personal life.

Beverly Hills Magazine: If you could turn back time, would you change anything in your own career choices or do anything differently?

In other words, perform surgery on your own life?

Dr. James Elist: If I go back retrospectively, I would definitely choose my profession as a surgeon again since it has been very satisfying and gratifying.

Of course, with every profession, there are ups and downs, and times you think you might have to go back and change things.

Instead, I thank God and am satisfied with the profession and would not change to any other profession. 

Beverly Hills Magazine: What advice would you give to aspiring urologists out there?

Dr. James Elist: One of the main reasons that I could survive as a physician and urologist throughout my practice was my bedside manner and attempt to communicate with the patients on how they feel so they can be open and share information with you.

I always spend the time to build a deep trust with patients to help them feel as a friend – this way I try to keep them as connected as possible to myself and my practice.

Beverly Hills Magazine: If there is only one person you could thank for anything at all…who would it be and why? 

Dr. James Elist: I have been fortunate enough to have many giants in my life. Because of them, I feel like I am standing on their shoulders.

They have all helped me get to this position personally and professionally. Everyone who trained me, including colleagues from societies and groups, which I have been a part of have helped build my personality and professional achievements.

The one person who always inspired me from a young age was my grandmother. Later on in life, my mother.

And now my wife is among my greatest supporters and someone who always keeps me hopeful and does not let me despair in any situation. Her advice and positive attitude help me go forward in my profession. 

Beverly Hills Magazine: If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Dr. James Elist: If I had a superpower, I would use it to help orphans and widows.

I would hope that at some point, with God’s help, I can help as many orphans and widows as possible in the world based on God’s demand in Torah and somehow give them the comfort and support they need at all times.

Beverly Hills Magazine: If you went to heaven today, what would you ask God and why?

Dr. James Elist: If I reached the point of being with God, I believe all my questions would be answered. I do not think at that point I would have any questions.

Based on my studies I have realized that while on earth, we have questions because our knowledge and wisdom is limited.

If I reach that high level and am as close as possible to the highest authority, I’m sure all my questions would be answered.

Beverly Hills Magazine: Is there a life quote, motto, or Bible scripture you live by? If so, what is it and why

Dr. James Elist: As you may tell from my previous answers, throughout my life, I have tried to be close to God and know that I have the best support.

The quote I live by is, “Adoni Li Ve Lo Ira”, which means “God is with me – I have no fear.” That is what I try to tell myself in any situation of doubt.

I profoundly believe this. By believing in this, I firmly believe I will not have any fear in my life.

Beverly Hills Magazine: We are all sent to Earth for a specific reason. Have you discovered your personal life purpose in what you do?

Dr. James Elist: It is a very difficult challenge to find out why you are here, but based on my profession and based on the mission that has been given to me by the highest authority.

I think it is my mission to try and help families that are looking to have children. Based on what I have seen and experienced throughout my life.

I think that the major portion of my mission in this life is to be a giver and donor in my professional and personal life to other people.

Beverly Hills Magazine: When you die, what do you most want to be remembered for?

Dr. James Elist: I would like to be remembered as someone who always volunteered to help people, never asking for anything in return.

And as somebody who is a deep believer in God and the highest authority.

Beverly Hills Magazine: Anything else you would like to add or share?

Dr. James Elist: I have noticed that life has many challenges with many ups and downs. I believe that after every darkness, there is light, and after every valley, there is a mountain.

Because of this belief, I always have hope in life. Ultimately, I believe the best will always come to light.

Dr. James Elist shows us that even in the most challenging of professions, one’s connection to God and devotion to spiritual growth can be a sustaining force that enables us to fulfill our own personal life mission and accomplish God’s purpose for our lives.



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