Doe Deere’s Success and Journey to Motherhood

Doe Deere's Success and Journey to Motherhood #beauty #maekup #entrepreneurs #business #inspiration #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #limecrime #doedeere
Doe Deere's Success and Journey to Motherhood #beauty #maekup #entrepreneurs #business #inspiration #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #limecrime #doedeere

Just when you think your favorite celebrities are calling it quits on making stealthy moves towards success, you are proven wrong once again. Doe Deere of the successful makeup line, Lime Crime, undoubtedly has obtained accolades for her bold and creative use of original colors, intense glitter, and overall pizzazz. Because of her triumphs, most coined her one of the greatest designers of all time. Her company reached such heights that her followers worried about her well being during the chaos.

Not only has the Russian-born makeup mogul admitted to battling depression and anxiety, but she is expecting her first child with her husband, Mark. With such intense changes taking place in the Queen of Unicorns’ life, fans are concerned over whether or not she will be able to keep up with the demands of her fans. As well as caring for her baby and maintaining her mental health. Thankfully, Deere has taken a backseat with Lime Crime (Fear not–this is a good thing) and decided a more relaxed business was necessary, so she created a jewelry line with her sister, Kat Dey.

The Fate of Lime Crime and the Story Behind the Jewelry Line

Despite being the founder of the popular makeup brand, Doe has decided to step down from her hectic position of also being the CEO. In collaboration with Tengram, the company’s new CEO is Stacy Panagakis, who is sure to sustain the integrity of the company with Deere’s full support in tow. With less stress that Doe and her husband admitted was much too difficult for them to handle on the front lines, the color pop queen can focus on her jewelry company, Poppy Angeloff.

Currently, the online brand is invisible, so to speak. Those interested in obtaining pieces from the collection coined by Doe Deere and her sister must enter a key on the website. You can also discover it by following the petite women inspired company on Instagram, where fantasy-like jewelry and inspiration await. Developed by the need for Doe and her sister to find jewelry that looks proper on their tiny figures, the overall vibe of the line is also influenced by pansy flowers.

While this family business is sure to succeed, it is salient to note that the relaxed working environment will be good for Doe in her fragile condition and even after the baby is born this September. Her and her husband will still ensure that Lime Crime thrives and maintains the whimsical vibe it has had since 2008.

Why Angel Poppyoff Is More Than a Jewelry Company

Successful entrepreneurs start second businesses all the time, so why is Angel Poppyoff so different from the norm, you ask? Well, one of the founders of the company (Doe Deere) has battled depression, anxiety, and panic attacks for years. Her trials and tribulations have only made her successes sweeter, which is inspirational at best. Her business accolades demonstrate to her followers that a person’s mental illness does not define them.

With the right head on her shoulders, a loyal husband, loving followers, and less stress, there is no denying that Deere will fall into motherhood just like she fell into her dreams and galloped to victory.

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