Different Styles of Trucker Hats You Need to Know

Beverly Hills Magazine Different Styles of Trucker Hats You Need to Know
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A trucker hat is a type of baseball cap. It is also known as “feed cap” or “gimme cap” as the hat’s style originated in the 1960s when it was given as a promotional giveaway from farm supply companies in the US.  The Trucker hat has become an everyday style statement for men since then. 

There are several styles of trucker hats for men. If you plan to buy one, don’t forget to check these styles. 

Dad Hat 

Dad hat is super simple and ideal for daily use. It is less structured than fitted caps. They have an adjustable closure at the back that is generally made of leather or metal. It also has a pre-curved brim. The hat is made of 100% cotton twill and stitched eyelets for perspiration. 

You can find Dad hats embroidered with ironic, silly, or baffling words or images across the front that gives your personality a character. If you are looking for a hat that will not go out of style, the Dad’s hat is a perfect choice for you. 

Snapback Hat

The snapback hat comes with an adjustable closure (made of plastic) at the back. The plastic snapback allows you to make the hat smaller or larger by snapping the button on one of the holes. The snapback hat is available in two styles – the structured snapback hat and the unstructured snapback hat. 

The structured snapback hat has a structured crown coupled with ultra-soft fabric.  It also features a flat bill that can be curved by applying little force. On the other hand, the unstructured snapback hat features a 5-panel construction and ultra-soft fabric. 

The hat styles discussed above are quite similar to trucker hats for men. Here’s a closer look at trucker hats in detail:

What Is A Trucker Hat?

The trucker hat is iconic and used by most long-haul drivers, hence the name. When you drive on long stretches of the road, you need protection from the sun and sweat. The trucker hat is designed to give you both. The trucker hat is large that rises above your head. The lid portion of the hat protrudes in an upward direction and covers a wide area.  Thus, the design is successful in providing optimal protection from the sun.

The next highlight of the trucker hat is the breathable mesh back. The high-quality trucker hats are light-weight and extremely breathable. The hat has a curved brim and a plastic snapback which helps in comfort fit. It also has stitched eyelets at the front and the back made of mesh material. 

There are different styles available in trucker hats depending on the intended use.  There are two types of trucker hats- structured and unstructured trucker hats. 

  • Structured Trucker Hats

The structured trucker hat features a firm front panel saddled with thick layers of fabric. This unique layering and stitching help the trucker hat to retain its form even when you place it on a flat surface (not wearing on the head).  It has a mesh design at the back. The structured hat makes you look taller, and the stiff front can make you a little bit uncomfortable when you wear it for the first time. 

  • Unstructured Trucker Hats 

The unstructured trucker hat has a front panel made of thin fabric and mesh at the back. The hat does not retain its shape when kept on a flat surface. It conforms to the shape of the head of the wearer. It is easy to clean. 

To sum up, the trucker hat is a style accessory that can be part of your daily headgear. If you are not a fan of mesh back, you can consider a Dad hat or snapback hats with similar looks and give yourself some style statement. 

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