Ultimate Watch: Diamond Patek Philippe Nautilus

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Patek Phillipe Watch $203K. BUY NOW!!!

When you think of dapper accessories, maritime portholes probably aren’t the first things that spring to mind. But it’s this exact idea that Gerald Genta applied to craft the Patek Philippe Nautilus. And the end result is nothing short of one of the sleekest sports watches you’ll ever find.

So how do you improve upon such a design? By icing out every square inch of it in diamonds of course! Yes, this is something that exists. And yes, this watch will look simply stunning on any man’s wrist. In fact, the iced out Patek Philippe Nautilus is the same watch DJ Khalid himself sports quite frequently. But of course, for this to be the ultimate high-end watch, it needs some functionality as well, right? So, let’s take a look at everything this extravagant and shiny watch has to offer.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Design

At first glance, you’ll see this watch makes an instant statement with all of its diamonds. But underneath those shiny diamonds is a stainless steel bracelet and strap. So, in other words, this watch feels pretty durable. And really, it’s no surprise seeing as this is the Nautilus 5711 but covered in diamonds. So this even means the watch is waterproof, just like the non-iced version.

What’s surprising about the durable feel here is how the watch is pretty slim. At just over 8 mm thick, this watch looks pretty flat from a side-glance. Plus, the case is the perfect size with a 40 mm diameter. And really, this is part of what helps it look great for any situation. Whether black tie or no tie, the iced Philippe Nautilus will compliment any occasion. And with so many diamonds, all eyes will be drawn to your wrist.

Another nice design choice here is that the dial, date, and numbers are pretty easy to see. This mainly results from the white hands with black outlines. Really, the hands look somewhat cloudlike with their color scheme. But at the end of the day, the smoky color does compliment the diamond dial quite well.

Patek Phillipe Watch $203K. BUY NOW!!!
Patek Phillipe Watch $203K. BUY NOW!!!


This high-end watch’s movement is powered by the caliber 324 CS. Visually, you’ll watch as the second hand glides seamlessly around the watch. Even more impressive is how the second hand experiences no choppy or stalled motion—everything moves continuously. This feature also powers the date, which you can find at the 3:00 mark.

Cosmetically, you can view this piece by looking at the backside of the Patek Philippe Nautilus. It’s pretty cool to see the rotor in constant motion. Plus, the silver coloring matches perfectly with the iced diamonds. So this really does give the watch an overall suave and unique look.

How Much does the Iced Out Diamond Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Cost?

So how much do you need to pay when you take one of the market’s best watches and cover it in diamonds? For an unused watch, you’ll pay $203,580. But for a watch this unique, it’s certainly a fair price.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s not every day that you find a watch fully covered in diamonds. And if you’re a gentleman looking to add a bit of extravagant flair to any occasion, then this is the watch for you. It not only compliments any suit, but this watch has that Patek Philippe Nautilus quality, making it one of the best accessories you’ll ever place on your wrist.

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