Diamond Jewelry: One-of-a-Kind Pear Diamond

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For years, female celebrities have graced dinner galas wearing diamond jewelry from De Grisogono, a leading brand in jewelry collection. Also, recognized for creativeness, exclusive designs, and free-spirited jewelry, these jewels are eye-catching and glamourous to wear with any outfit.

This jewelry house began almost 26 years ago in Geneva, Switzerland. The founder is the charismatic Fawaz Gruosi. Also known as the King of Black Diamond.

Gruosi’s first release was in 1996 when he shocked the world with a selection of jewelry. All were uniquely alluring with black diamonds.

The Inside Spectrum of the Five Looped Jewelry

Like any successful company that has hit a quarter-century, the Genevan jeweler celebrated by adding new pieces to its collection of jewelry. Besides, it’s an impressive art which he has perfected over the years.

The last piece of the celebratory collection is the five looped bracelets, which he created with a white diamond to honor the brand’s journey. This piece is an unexpected contrast compared to others in the collection. It comes with striking materials, new design, and assortments that make De Grisogono a designer desired to be worn by the stars.

The-one-of-a-kind Pear Diamond & Emerald Bracelet is an excellent piece, as the name suggests. On both ends of this five looped bracelet, it contains two large gemstones. Indeed, the two combine to bring out pure, undeniable glamour.

He entwined this great jewelry bracelet with diamond scales. Equally, it contains an 18k white gold set, one pear-shaped white diamond on one end, and one pear-cut emerald from Zambia on the other end.

Diamond Jewelry: The-One-Pear-Diamond & Emerald Bracelet from De Grisogono #jewelry # shop jewelry #jewels #fine jewelry #gold #silver #diamonds #diamond bracelet #jewellery #jewellery for women #beverly hills #beverly hills magazine
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The Choice of Assortments

De Grisogono disrupted and changed the old rules of jewelry making. And with this piece, he is bringing the purest expression of style and inspiration. Altogether, he used a stylish ornamental contrast to the conventional art of jewellery making.

The material of choice and the design concept was beneficial in different ways. Notably was the inclusion of a white diamond which is simple and clear. It’s the most recognizable precious stone in the world, synonymous with beauty, brilliance, and desire. Besides, the gem is the go-for flaunting stone for celebrities, and also a symbol of commitment.

Two, the distinctly green precious Emerald stone adds exclusiveness to the bracelet. The colored stone is one of the most desirable and valuable gems.

Fawaz also used 18k white gold, which is about 75% pure gold. Why? To signify purity, durability, and to enhance the appearance of this bracelet. This combination brought out a unique piece of a bracelet that every female wants to adorn.

Final Remarks

For over 25 years, Fawaz Gruosi has created exceptional pieces of jewelry for women.  He has also dared to use unexpected stones and fascinating aesthetic. Whereby, he has crafted intricate designs like this classic one of a kind bracelet.

The one-of-a-kind Pear Diamond & Emerald Bracelet is one beautiful jewelry bracelet to wear on your wrist. Also, it’s the highlight of De Grisogono prowess in jewellery making, a fate he keeps making better with every new collection.

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