Desuar Day Spa: A Place For Relaxation & Restoration

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Deisy Suarez of DESUAR Spa

Desuar Spa:

Desuar Spa is a holistic as well as aesthetic spa offers healing as well as relaxing high – end treatments. Established in 2010 by Deisy Suarez, a Dominican Republic Native, she has elevated the standards of beauty spas nationwide. Moreover, their slogan: “Where communicating with your body, means listening with our hands.” – tells us how attuned to their clientele Desuar Spa is. Just at 12 years old, Suarez was already making home-made masks for clients. She continued to collect accolades and certifications on Eastern and Western massage certification and Spa and Hospitality Management. To further know more about her click here.

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What sets Desuar Spa from other beauty spas is its conscious and innovative approach to beauty. The use all-natural & organic essential massage oils. Additionally, it only offers top-of-the-line organic & vegan face and body skincare products which have not been tested on any animals and are environmentally sustainable for the planet. The have 3 loactions: Downtown LA, Hollywood and Monterey. Let us now see 3 amazing services the spa has to offer.

Slimming Treatments:

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Desuar Spa offers 2 slimming treatments namely Coolrestoring Body Contouring and Endosphere Cellulite Reduction. The first treatment, or the Cool restoring body contouring has several benefits including slimming, dody contouring, cellulite reduction, freezing of fat and the reduction of puffiness and lymphatic oedema. Furthermore, it boosts collagen edema, improves skin tone and elasticity giving your skin a healthy glow and faster blood circulation.

The next slimming treatment is the Endosphere cellulite reduction which is known for toning and shaping muscles, reducing cellulite, relieving minor muscle aches and pains. In addition to that, they use a non-surgical techniques that combats the appearance of cellulite. The method also enhances lymphatic drainage, aids muscle recovery post workout and improves tone and texture.


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For Desuar Spa’s facials, there are several of them, and to see the whole list, here. We will discuss the Hydrafacial MD. This specific facial, cleanses, peel, extracts, unclogs, de-greases, purifies and hydrates the skin for instantly glowing skin with reduction of fine lines, acne and uneven skin tone, without irritation or downtime.

Massage and Scrubs:

Another amazing service the spa offers are its massages and scrubs. Moreover, there are different kinds of massages, and also massages with scrubs. Click on the links to see the list of what they have to offer accordingly. There are many interesting ones such as the Satin Sea Shimmer scrub which is a thorough body exfoliation is a wonderful way to rid the skin of dead dry cells by using marine salt crystals and algae oils. Another unique holistic massage method they offer is the Serenity healer Chakra balancing massage in which they use healing properties of natural gemstones along with human touch therapy to soothe away tension from the body.

Definitely, a wide range of beauty treatments, both holistic and aesthetic can be found at Desuar Spa. What are you waiting for and give yourself the best self-care and self-love in any of their 3 branches! If being a beautician or owning a spa interests you, click on this article we recently wrote.

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