Dazzling Pink Formal Style

A dazzling pink formal look is sure to have you feeling like a Barbie doll!


If you want to look both bubbly and stylish, you can’t go wrong with a bubblegum pink outfit. Remember to keep it classy by staying away from gaudy patterns and focusing on the fabric itself. The look is as important as the feel, after all. So, whether you want to look good for a girl’s night out or to impress your date, this dazzling pink formal style outfit is sure to hit the mark.

Little Pink Dress

The base of this fabulous outfit is a little pink dress. To keep the outfit’s vibe somewhere between casual and formal, try to find a dress that has a skirt that rises slightly above the knees. Having a strapless dress also helps with this look.

This pink dress is made of a silky fabric which helps to give it a high-fashion look. The coloring will look different depending on the lighting, which adds dimensions to the dress. Add an accent piece, like a black belt to break up the color monotony. Along with black, white and metallic belts will also be great colors for an accessory. These colors will not only stand out on their own but also add to the overall outfit style.

Sparkling Studded Heels

Add a little glamour with sparkly studded heels. These shoes look like they were made for a life-size Barbie doll, which is exactly what you will feel like when you wear these shoes or ones like them. The pink shade of these shoes is about the same as the dress’s shade, which makes them match perfectly. The heel of the shoe is white, which breaks up the otherwise all-pink coloring.

The dazzling ornamental additions will make you look like the life of the party. The straps on the front and around the ankle help to keep the shoes looking a little classier. With this combination, you are sure to look both spicy and sweet.

Classic Black Clutch

Matching your accessories is key to making a fantastic outfit. That’s why a small black clutch and the black belt make a stunning combination. This clutch is made out of an all-black fabric. While this may be boring on other clutches, the bow-like handle keeps it looking cute. Again, there is a great combination of classy and adorable going on here. The monotone coloring keeps the clutch looking professional, while the bow adds charm. All in all, it’s a great accent piece that can bring any outfit from a 9 to a 10.

Use this outfit as inspiration for the next time you want to go out and look cute and stunning at the same time. Remember, pink dresses are sure to stand out, but they will stand out even more if you pair them with the right accessories. You can never go wrong with this dazzling pink formal style.


Hannah Jaehnig is a professional freelance creative writer. She has been writing professionally since 2014 and writing for entertainment for much longer! She has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in History. She hopes to one day publish a fiction book. In the meantime, she’ll write about fashion!
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