Create Personalized Photo Books With Mixbook

Create Personalized Photo Books With Mixbook

Photos capture beautiful life moments of us with our family members, friends, and pets. Photo books help us remember the good moments that we might otherwise forget. Customized photo books offer an amazing offline experience in this online world. The experience that one gets with gently turning one page after another, watching vividly printed photos is unparalleled. You can spice it up by using the customization tools that offers. With just a few clicks, you can make a world class photo book. (Image Credit: Belinda Nash/Pixabay  )

Why Photo Books?

There are several reasons to make a photo book in this modern world, run by technology and digital photography. Below are some reasons for why to create photo books:

Tell a Story

Think about the event story and decide on the best format to help you tell it. For instance, when telling a family story through a photo book, you may use individual albums that focus on each member, history albums that have features such as genealogical information and family trees. -Nowadays, we have quick and easy access to taking and saving photos through our mobile devices. Digitized photos from our mobile phones can easily be turned into one wonderful story with PrintedMemories.

Stands the Test of Time

Photo books enables you and your loved ones to document specific memories that you will look back to in the future. Photo books ensure that your memorable moments are kept intact to stand the test of time. Since photo books help you preserve life’s special moments, you can keep them as a souvenir or create them to gift someone special.

Unbeatable Experience

Photo books enable you and your loved ones to browse through vividly printed frames together with just a turn of a page. This experience is priceless as it helps avoid the awkward distractions from phones and personal computers. For instance, when you are at a social gathering, having a physical photo book definitely beats the digital files—waiting for your friends to click through folders and personal files on their smartphones or laptops to show you a few photos invites several distractions. In fact, it provides an uncomfortable experience.
Printed photo books offer an enjoyable and less distracting experience as you can feel and touch the pictures as you browse through them.

Customized Photo Books

Customized photo albums give you and your loved ones a unique way to view your memorable moments. Since they are made with experts, they offer world class design options that you can further customize to give you a unique product that suits your style and personality. Besides, the editing tools in the photo app enables you to spice up your design with fun stickers, backgrounds, photo borders, and themes.

Create Personalized Photo Books With Mixbook
Image Credit: Simon Steinberger/ Pixabay

How It Works

Creating customized photo books is made very easy by Below is how easy you can personalize your own photo products:

Choose Your Product

The Photo App has extensive catalogue of products that can help you get started and sustain you until the end.

Upload Your Pictures

After choosing your products, you are free to seamlessly upload photos directly from your hard drives, Google Photos, Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook.

Design and Order

The design options are unlimited. Just with a few clicks, you can personalize your gift using elegantly designed templates, themes, stickers, text boxes, and other personalization tools.

The Verdict

How does it feel when you get involved in the whole process of designing a photo book? Surely, you will create a souvenir that documents all your special experiences and memories in your own way. Try making customized photo books with today.

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