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About Nocturne:

Nocturne which is an eclectic European fashion brand that offers cool styles and unique designs for modern women at affordable prices.

Furthermore, Nocturne has several collections with exciting prints and bold designs that would definitely make you stand out. The brand offers and array of unique styles for women of all ages! Nocturne is now available in 50 countries and has become one of the most exciting and sought after brands in the world. Here are 5 must have styles that we think you will love…

Beaded Strap Crop Top (Pictured Above):

First up is this funky and sexy silver beaded strap crop top. This eye catching top is sure to turn heads! It’s made of metallic thread, fluffy feathers and shimmering knits. Furthermore, it features a unique beaded strap on both sides that have a modern feel to it. We love this crop top paired with a leather skirt and embellished stilettos for New Year’s Eve! Wear this to fun bachelorette party or birthday bash to stand out. Whatever the occasion, you will surely be sparkling in this top!

Twin Set Oversized Shirt:

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The second design we have here is this stunning Twin set oversized shirt in purple. Made of 51% viscose and 49% rayon, this set is luxuriously comfortable. Moreover, it features a gorgeous lilac color and the brands Logo and prints all over. The bralette has 2 strings below that connect at the back making it trendy and stylish. This is the perfect loungewear or casualwear, either at home or on a vacation somewhere interesting! Definitely a must have for your wardrobe staples!

Sequined Flowy Mini Dress:

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The third piece we present to you is this fun yet sophisticated sequined flowy mini dress in black. Made of 100% Polyester Trimming and 100% Polyester, this is quality fabric! It features a black bowtie for straps, a mini length skirt and shimmering fabric. We can totally imagine this dress for the Holidays paired with red pumps or strappy heels like the one pictured above. Add some drop earrings and a pearl necklace to complete this chic look.

Balloon Sleeve Crop Top:

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Next, we selected this 80s-inspired balloon sleeve crop top in royal blue. Made with 61% polyester, 34% polyamide and 5% elastane, this blouse still allows for a good stretch so you will not feel constricted. It features a velvety texture as well. Furthermore, it has a hidden in-seam zip closure. Paired with stretchy blue pants and statement heels or boots, this ensemble definitely gives a feminine and bold flair to the Holiday season.

Strapless Pleated Dress:

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The fifth and last piece we have here is this fabulous multicolor strapless pleated dress. Made from 49% polyester, 39% cotton and 12% metallic thread, this dress is both comfortable and stylish. It features an underwire on the bra area, giving your assets an extra oomph. Moreover, it also has heart shaped buttons and a zip closure. We can imagine this rainbow dress for very colorful occasions like birthdays, New Years, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In summary, we hope you love these 5 fantastic styles from Nocturne, mostly from their Nocturne Party Collection. Visit their website and see what more they have in store for you.

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