Cool Fitness Style For Men: Municipal

MUNICIPAL is a men’s clothing brand that produce cool fitness style built for the love of sports, exercise, competition, and activities in general.  This clothing and support gear company has the best fits for normal daily activities and also MUNICIPAL has always been about the transformative force of self-belief, tales of creativity, hustle, personality, trusting your intuition, and overcoming every challenge at its heart.

At municipal, tops are currently available in sizes ranging from S to XXL. MUNICIPAL bottoms are available in sizes 30-40 and S-XXL.

Mark Wahlberg, the CEO of MUNICIPAL, is one of the few respected actors in the United States. He is a producer, a businessman, and a former rapper. He is a world-famous movie star. The journey of the Municipal brand started with Mark and Stephen Levinson, his friend and fellow Actor for over two decades. No one was designing the type of clothes that people need to go everywhere and do activities – gear that was both highly practical and extremely convenient for Mark and Lev’s own peculiar and varied hobbies.

They were inspired by the fact that several brands were not committed to making workout gears that are incredibly versatile and comfortable. Their idea was to create a gym fashion line that will help everyone be ‘unstoppable.’ Mark and Levinson later met Harry Arnett, the president of OGO international and senior vice president of Marketing and Brand Management for Callaway Golf. The Trio then co-founder Sport Utility Gear Line of their dreams, Municipal.

Cool fitness style for men: Municipal

Sport Utility Hoodie

Municipal Sport Utility Hoodie is the softest, most comfortable, as well as the most athletic layer you’ll find. Despite its casual appearance, it’s packed with useful features, including an easy-access drop pocket and security zipper pockets on the chest and inside the pouch. For additional flexibility and longevity, we included a Kangaroo segmented pocket inside the pouch.

Cool fitness style for men: Municipal



Sport Utility Jogger

The Sport Utility Jogger is all about efficiency, design, and convenience as a cool fitness style should be. It’s extremely compact, with three security zipper pockets and an athletically shaped fit that makes for maximum freedom of movement. It is available in size S(28″-30″), M(31″-32″), L(33″-34″), XL(35″-37″), 2XL(38″+).

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Sport Utility Crew

The features that makeup Municipal Sport Utility Crew are incredible. It’s a universal must-have thanks to its unrivaled convenience, flexibility, utility, and two protective zipper pockets. Chest size include S(35″-37″), M(38″-40″), L(41″-43″), XL(44″-47″), 2XL(48″-50″).

Cool fitness style for men: Municipal

Sport Utility Trucker

The Municipal’s Sport Utility Trucker is versatile, incredibly comfortable, and above all stretchy.  The Trucker features a soft and durable EVA brim that prevents pressure points and won’t work up during driving. Municipal designed all of these stretch features, including a back webbing strap closure and a performance sweatband, to accommodate a wide range of head shapes and lifestyle pursuits. It’s a must-have for your headwear range due to its stunning and convenient color choices.

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Cool fitness style for men: Municipal #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #fashion #municipal #fitness sytle

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