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After years of futuristic fabrics and skin-tight silhouettes, comfort wear is back to its roots. Whether it is a long flight, a lazy day, or an ensemble for your casual days, a cool fashion tracksuit for women is an effortless way to stay stylish around the clock. These versatile and uncomplicated sets are a two-in-one solution for easy-breezy indoor lounging as well as for being the most comfortable solution for all casual outdoor activities.

Since tracksuits have become a regular ally in everyday life, we have listed two of our most-favorite luxe staples here, plus a selection of designer fashion accessories that best compliments them.

Marble Printed Cotton Tracksuit

The design of this tracksuit was originally conceived by the iconic designer Philipp Plein. The style is a perfect accompaniment for both everyday lounging and workout wear.

A shift from boring monochromes, this tracksuit features a classic marble pattern and is made of high-quality fabric. Its unique design, print, and color combination complements all body shapes and sizes.

The all-over marble-printed hooded tracksuit has a front zip fastening and features a relaxed fit. Since the design has a balanced cut and construction, it gives high performance and durability through all your mischiefs. The tracksuit also has sleek slip pockets.

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White Track Suit. BUY NOW!!!

Heart Printed Velvet Tracksuit in Black

Again a trending favorite from the house of Philip Plein, this black velvet tracksuit is a recommended elegant loungewear set for the cozy autumn and winter season. What is truly arresting about the tracksuit is its detailed ‘heart-and-love’ emoji print all over the fabric, which makes it a perfect pick for both millennials and Gen Z fashionistas.

You can either pair this hooded sweatshirt with matching track pants, or even a plain black boat neck inner with black track pants will go great with this look.

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Black Track Suit. BUY NOW!!!

Studded White Gold Watch With Tapisserie Dial

To pair with your B & W printed tracksuit, nothing’s more chic and fashionable than this stunning Audemars Piguet diamond-studded white gold designer wristwatch. As an accessory, this watch will give you a slight shift from the neutral and monochromatic hues, without being much overdramatic.

The analog watch has more than 150 diamonds studded all around the dial, intermittently highlighted with about 40 beautiful pink sapphires and rubies. The classic tapisserie dial in the backdrop gives this watch altogether an elegant design.

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Audemars Piguet Watch. BUY NOW!!!

Sneakers With Sparkling Embellishments

Branded sports shoes are usually the most ordinary choice to pair with tracksuits. But an out-of-box idea that can instantly upgrade your cool and uptown look is this set of embellished white sneakers. The design was originally conceptualized by the famous designer Roger Vivier and is made of calfskin.

The diamond embellishment on the side panel adds some extra drama to your style. If you don’t like studs, these designer sneakers are also available with metallic buckle embellishments.

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Giglio Sneakers. BUY NOW!!!

Final Thoughts

High-quality tracksuits can make every woman look stunning without compromising her comfort. Not only these cool tracksuit designs are endlessly versatile but they are also a worthy addition to every closet. The accessory options that pair well with these B & W printed tracksuits are practically limitless. Stay tuned with us for more such luxury favorites and in-vogue fashion ideas.


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