Cool Cars: Morgan M3W

The Morgan 3 Wheeler
The Morgan 3 Wheeler

The success of the Morgan Motor Company has been founded on the success of founder and inventor of the Morgan M3W, Mr. Harry Morgan (HFS), a skillful engineer who designed these one of a kind cool cars with a simple design in mind. The cars produced by Morgan Motors are truly a piece of art and it is one of the last surviving brands to produce cars that truly exudes old world charm and panache along with stunning and spectacular performance, a rare combination that’s truly one of a kind in today’s automotive world. The Morgan M3W is a truly classical and radically designed car that is iconic and probably the only three-wheeled car offering such stunning performance along with being true to its classical lineage.The Morgan became one of the most successful lightweight cars of the early automobile days fitting a powerful motorcycle engine and a simple transmission into a lightweight chassis which inspired a new type of vehicle known as the “CycleCar.” Opening the motor world to a whole new vision of what could be possible; Harry Morgan can be regarded as the man who first introduced motoring for the masses.

The iconic and unique three wheeler the Morgan M3W has been updated with 21st century technology in its 2014 new release. The design of these dream cars is modeled after the original airplanes with an aluminum bullet hull, exposed tubular chassis and beetle like shape, while maintaining ample space for driver, passenger, and a hold all boot in the rear.


These cool cars that are a collector’s dream car  boast impressive performance figures with a max speed of 115mph reached at an acceleration rate of 0-60 in just 6 seconds. Each car built by Morgan comes with a wide array of custom specifications that come standard on each vehicle. There are 10 color options available for these dream cars. Colors range from black to blue, red, yellow, orange and green, with interior leather available in black or brown. Along with leather seats, dash, and elbow pads which perfectly complement the on board digital display that houses the black adonized dash panel and aluminum aircraft toggle switches.


Originally and always designed to make driving fun, the power train of this cool dream car is a 1976cc “V twin” fuel injected engine mated to a Mazda 5 speed gearbox. Making these a true to the point “get in and drive” fine automobile with a super cool “bomb release” style start button. The gearbox is equipped with a standard transmission 5 speed + reverse with a torque capability of 140NM @ 3250rpm. Full body aluminum chassis makes it weigh in at 525 kg. There are also several available extras and customizable options in their new Bespoke models. These include graphic wraps; bullet images, numbers, flags, pin-up girl images, racing stripes, and more, that can be applied to your car exterior that are durable yet removable. Additional extras include, black exhaust pipes and heat shield, special paint, quilted leather stitching, starcom1 intercom system, black tonneau PVC, and many more.

Since its introduction in 2011, 1000 Morgan M3W have been delivered to thrilled customers ensuring their iconic status as dream cars, collector’s must haves, and truly unique one of a kind cool cars in the motor world.

Overall its one of a kind classical car that’s truly bespoke and radical in design. It truly is an amazing collector’s item that’s steeped in tradition and history and is built in a way cars were made a century ago. Starting at $ 50,895 it certainly is the costliest three wheeler available in the market but it makes up for its cost with its amazing design, styling and fun to drive characteristics that’s truly unique to it and unmatched by any other car.

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