Construct A Jet Tender Of Your Dream

Construct A Jet Tender Of Your Dream: Easy, Quickly, Innovatively

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Can you imagine that you are able to choose and change absolutely everything when you buy something? And herewith, don’t wait for every turn forever. You shouldn’t imagine a jet tender anymore because it is reality now.

Jet tender manufacturer Agilis proposes to customize your own dinghy by yourself. You can pick the color and material of outside and inside boat cover, upholstery, deck, teak, steering console, instruments and even different lighting system. There are over a hundred colors for every option. We’ll tell you about all this stuff, but first things first.

Configurator for Agilis jet tenders review:

The configurator: what kind of animal it is

The configurator helps customers to buy a tender. Let’s imagine a situation. A client wants to buy a dinghy, but he doesn’t know (or can’t explain) how precisely it must look. And he can use the configurator to avoid misunderstanding. The client knows that Agilis uses only luxury and high quality materials for its tenders, so he can without worrying create the tender of his dreams in a few minutes. He chooses the colors of boat and its detail, adds all devises for his needs and select the perfect lighting according to his requests. Then he can easily share the finished sample with friends, companions, girl/boyfriend, relatives, chief or whatever he wants. It sounds like a very usable thing, isn’t it?

The vast majority of manufacturers offer you to describe to the manager what tender exactly you want. Then you will receive your project layout and make adjustments. It takes too much time. But Agilis provides an opportunity to create a design of your boat by yourself, besides its configurator has significant advantages. First of all, it is a speed of operations, changes happen instantly. And second advantage is usability: customer can see all the prices, options and changes during the whole work and save or share the summary after finishing. An idea of this project came from websites of cars luxury segment (like Lamborghini), but it would have been impossible to implement without the group of great developers and programmers. They thought of every detail for client comfort at every stage. Let’s take a closer look at them.

How it works

We will go through this way with an imaginary customer, for instance, John. He is the owner of yacht. Before constructing the boat, John compared to all the tenders and decided that the Agilis 330C would be the most perfect for his needs. Then he should come to the page Configurator in the head of website and pick the chosen tender. First thing John can choose is an exterior to fit the color of his yacht’s hull. Every tender has free basic colors: Ice White for primary hypalon and Neptune Grey for secondary. But our John is an esthete and likes fancy color combinations, so he can choose from 45 colors for cover and play with their mixing. Now then John has picked Alpin Blue for primary hypalon, Ibiza Blue for secondary and Grey light for moldings.

Then John is moving to the Interior. He has Beluga Pure white as a basic material of upholstery. Inside the icons he can see how the material looks like, so he is clicking on Marlin and in a drop-down box of colors choosing Angel. The basic teak is GREY White caulking. But John doesn’t enjoy of appearance and he is changing the color of caulking to Black. After that he is picking RAL 5024 as a color of the hull and 5018 as a color of the deck, the steering console and the instruments. Of course, he has played with colors enjoying the speed of changes but decided to stop at the monotone.

John is switching to Options. He is deciding to include a Dual Battery System to his dinghy, because it seems necessary for better productivity. John is a very cheerful person, and he likes to spend time chilling with his friends to good music. So the Fusion stereo unit is the first device he has added with no doubts. Then he has thought a little and added the Raymarine Dragonfly 5 PRO, because this display seems useful during the trip. He has also picked a VHF system because he believes that forewarned is forearmed.

John is clicking on the button near the boat and turning off the light. He is picking LED deck lights and Ocean LED to compare them. He likes the second one more, so he is unchecking the first. Then John is looking at the accessories. He wants them all but must choose the most necessary because he has almost exceeded the budget. So he has picked Anti-Theft Security System, boat cover (in Admiral Navy color) and lifting slings. He has two variants how to name his boat: Nautilus as the submarine of Capitan Nemo or Victoria as the name of his wife (and also the first ship in history to circumnavigate the globe). He is picking the last one and writing the name into the field.

John is excited about the speed and look of the final result. He has just spent only about 10 minutes for all of this. He has sent the link and PDF-file to his friends and his wife to boast, and he is filling the contact information now. But suddenly the phone is ringing. It’s his wife. She is yelling at John that he should save at least three thousand for her unexpected purchases. Gritting his teeth, he is changing the color of caulking to basic White, OceanLED to LED deck lights and unchecking the VHF system. Next his step is changing the name of tender from Victoria to Nautilus and the order is sent. John is still pleased with his jet tender, especially when he imagines how his wife will get to the yacht on her own.

Enjoy the great and innovative Configurator and create the best Agilis tender for your needs like John. By the way, if you want to see the John’s tender, just open this link:

Look at John’s tender

You can design your own jet tender as well, feel free to use Configurator now:
Enjoy the Configurator

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