Compensation Is Your Right, Learn How To Take Control

Compensation Is Your Right, Learn How To Take Control #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #fatalaccident #typesofcompensation #adequatecompensation #trafficaccident

The data on traffic accidents in the last year leave no room for doubt: there is a worrying rise in victims of this type of accident. If we talk about fatal accidents, the figures have increased by three percent compared to the previous year, which highlights the need to exercise extreme caution at the wheel, avoid distractions, drive at an adequate speed, or not do so under the influence, from tiredness, alcohol, and drugs. If we are involved in a traffic accident, we must know how to proceed and how to claim to receive the compensation that corresponds to us. 

Getting Things Right.

As a whole, the law aims to increase the protection of victims and their families by guaranteeing adequate compensation and the agile resolution of conflicts resulting from a traffic accident. Almost all law firms that are professional and trustworthy want to help you win your case and get the justice you deserve. However, it’s important to note that only 3 percent of personal injury cases go to trial. There are also different types of compensation claimed by other people, such as the relatives of any deceased victims and the victim themselves if they have suffered a difficult or traumatic injury. Of course, you will know what you are seeking to get compensation for; but more often than not, it is related to physical/psychological injury. 

Compensation for Death.

Regarding personal injuries, in the event of death, the collection of compensation for traffic accidents is made by individualizing them, taking into account the new family structures. A distinction is made between basic patrimonial damage or reasonable expenses derived from the death and specific expenses, including the possible transfer of the deceased, burial, and funeral costs.

Compensation for Permanent Injuries.

In sequential or permanent injuries, it is about improving the affected person who is left with disabilities that require essential help for their autonomy—compensation for damages suffered due to the traffic accident and related to any item of medical assistance expenses.

Compensation for Temporary Injuries.

In the case of temporary injuries, the calculation of compensation for traffic accidents is divided into three sections: 

  • The basic personal injury suffered from the date of the accident to the end of the healing process or until the stabilization of the injury.
  • The particular personal injury, which is one that seeks to compensate for the specific moral damage suffered. This may include the inability to work following whiplash or loss of finances. 
  • Three degrees are distinguished according to the temporary loss of autonomy in which the injured person is affected: moderate if they lose a relevant part of their development activities. It is classed as more serious if they lose a part of their essential everyday activities and cannot carry out basic tasks. If it is very serious, it may be that the victim has suffered brain damage and is disabled in some capacity. 

Don’t be left unaware of your rights or the types of compensations on offer. Don’t suffer in silence, take back the control you deserve. 

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