Commercial Display Fridges and Their Functions

What You Need to Know about Types of Commercial Display Fridges and Their Functions
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Commercial Display Fridges are a Worthy Investment

If you have a food or drink business, chances are you need a commercial display fridge. This is a worthwhile investment for your business. It doesn’t come cheap but it will prove beneficial in the long run.

The fridge will keep your food and drinks at the right temperature. It will also ensure that they are well-presented. Thus, it serves more than one purpose.

It is important to purchase the right brand and model of fridge. As it is commonly said in America as well as in other countries such as Germany and France, people don’t purchase products but they buy brands.

The top fridge brands have invested millions in cutting-edge research. That means that their products have all the latest features that consumers require. Their fridges are packed with the latest safety features and they are guaranteed to last a long time.

A commercial display fridge is not something that you purchase every day. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are purchasing the right one. Time and effort must be dedicated to the shopping process if a superior product is desired at the end of the day.

What Are the Types of Commercial Display Fridges?

Commercial Beer Fridge

Do you sell beer? This is something you should have in your business. It will be an extra boost for your establishment. It will ensure that your patrons get their beers extra chilled, making them become regulars.

A commercial beer fridge is perfect for a pub or a bar. A club should not fail to have this kind of fridge. All the drinks will be stored inside the fridge. Retrieving them will be an easy affair.

  • An important feature of the fridge will be the nature of its door. It can have doors that are hinged. Alternatively, the doors can be sliding. The sliding option seems to be the best.
  • The fridge will produce attractive lighting. This is a very valuable feature as it will focus the attention of the customers on what is available inside the fridge. This will come in handy in a facility such as a dark club or pub.
  • The number one thing that you should consider during the shopping process is capacity. You need a fridge that will hold as much stock as possible. A small fridge will be of little or no use if you have a big bar. You should check out capacity issues before you pay the final price.
  • Another important factor to have in mind as you are shopping is efficiency. An inefficient fridge will end up losing money. It will become more of a liability than an asset. You need a beer fridge that has power-saving features. To be on the safe side, you should stick with the newest models because they have the latest features.

Counter Display Freezer

Supermarkets and other retail establishments usually have counter display freezers. The location of a display freezer matters. There is a need for a location that will have the maximum impact. A good location will be at the checkout point. You should place it at the location at which customers usually pay for their goods.

  • When placed at the checkout point, you will give customers enough time to view what has been displayed inside the freezer. This can make a customer purchase more which will end up maximizing the profitability of a shop.
  • The display freezer will have LED lights that make customers properly see all the contents of the freezer. Studies that have been done by leading universities across the world show that humans are usually attracted to items that have been properly lit.

Commercial Wine Fridge

A commercial wine fridge might look the same as a commercial beer fridge. However, the two are quite different and shouldn’t be confused at any moment in time.

A wine fridge is quite advanced because different brands of wine need to be served at different temperatures. Therefore, a wine fridge must maintain a constant temperature to help bring out the most amazing flavor in a wine.

  • There might be multiple temperature zones inside the wine cooler. Therefore, white and red wines will be kept in different temperature zones within the fridge. This will eliminate the need to buy several fridges for different wines which will end up saving money for an establishment.
  • A good wine fridge will have shelves that have been made using high-quality wood. The wooden shelves are not used for the sake of it. Wire racks found in the other fridges will bend when heavy bottles are placed; however, that will not be the case with wooden shelves.

It is important to consider the appearance of a wine fridge before you buy it. You need an option that looks good and will enhance the appearance of your store. Capacity is another issue that you should not fail to consider.

The Functions of a Commercial Display Fridge Make Your Business Profitable

Commercial display fridges serve many functions. They are required in a food establishment or a place that serves drinks. Some of their functions include:

  • Storage

They provide storage for food and drinks. In a big fridge, it will be possible to store many food products. That will save an individual from the need to find alternative storage.

  • Visuals

A display fridge will also serve a visual purpose. They will enhance the aesthetics of a store. Because of the LED lights, the visuals of the foods that have been displayed will also be enhanced. That will make customers to be attracted to the food products which will boost the profitability of an establishment.

  • Preservation

Because it is a cold facility, it will preserve the food from going bad. The food that is inside display fridges can stay fresh for several days. This feature will come in handy during days when they are low customer numbers.

The Bottom-Line

Choosing the right display fridge is important for the prosperity of your business. You should evaluate different products before you make a decision. Ensure that the fridge you purchase has a warranty.

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