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If you want to remove unwanted body hair quickly, you might reach for a razor. But if you want to remove that same hair with precision and keep it away for a longer period, visit look to laser hair removal to meet your needs. It is a procedure that utilizes heat and light to treat each hair. There are several aspects of lasers hair removal you may prefer over other hair removal methods. They are outlined below. (Image Credit: Audrey M Jackson/Unsplash)

Why Laser Hair Removal Beats Most Other Methods

When you use certain common hair removal methods, you may notice some drawbacks to those methods. For example, some are time consuming. Others might be painful. There is also the regrowth factor to consider. You might spend a long period of time shaving, for instance, only to have the hair show back through the surface of your skin in a day or two.

The main reason laser hair removal is often preferred over other hair removal methods is it treats the hairs down to the roots. By weakening the hairs, hair removal lasers equipment is able to eventually cause them to fall out completely. Shaving is different because it only targets the top portions of every hair. A lot more hair lies below the surface where you cannot see. By removing each full hair, the regrowth time after laser treatment is drastically increased.

Additional Benefits to Consider

Laser hair removal also has certain other benefits. One is accuracy. When you use other methods you might find you missed some hairs. Lasers do not miss. They focus right in and treat all hairs in the area treated. Another is variety of treatment areas. When you use a treatment like shaving at home, you cannot reach every area. Other treatments may not be recommended for certain body parts, even if you can reach those areas. However, laser hair removal usually works no matter what part of your body you want to treat with very few limitations.

Laser Hair Removal Risks to Think About

Before you sign up for laser hair removal you should know there are a few risks to think about. The first is simply the risk of regrowth. Not all hair is permanently removed with laser treatment, contrary to popular belief. Instead, it usually disappears for several weeks, or possibly a couple of months. But it does often eventually regrow. Nevertheless, the hair that returns might be thinner, and some hairs may disappear permanently.

Laser hair removal can also have some immediate side effects like temporary redness or swelling. If your skin is dark, a laser treatment might also lighten the skin in the treatment area. Sometimes that pigment change is permanent, but often it is only temporary. Additionally, your skin will be extra sensitive to the sun for multiple weeks after treatment, so you have to carefully protect it from sun exposure.

Important Preparation Information

Before your first actual laser treatment for hair removal your clinician should schedule a consultation. At the consultation, you will receive instructions for what to do leading up to the procedure. A common instruction is to avoid sun exposure before treatment, just as you must after. The clinician may also recommend avoiding plucking or use of other hair removal techniques for a certain period leading up to your appointment. Your consultation will also include an assessment of your skin. The clinician may take photographs and will verify your candidacy for the procedure based on the condition, color and general characteristics of your skin.

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