Celebrity Spotlight: Cara Delevingne

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Today, we shine our Celebrity Spotlight on the life and career of the stunning Cara Delevingne. This British beauty first burst onto the Hollywood radar in 2012. But before she added the big screen to her resume, this famous celebrity had already proved she was a force to be reckoned with!

A Star on the Catwalk

Cara Delevingne started modeling in 2009. And quite quickly, her career took off. Within the first few years of modeling, in 2012, the British Fashion Awards named her Model of the Year. In fact, she also received the same recognition two years later. Her unique beauty and charismatic disposition led her to become one the most famous and successful supermodels of the new generation. And during her short modeling career, she worked with some of the biggest fashion houses in the world, like Burberry, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana.   

However, in 2015, this beautiful celebrity stopped walking the catwalk to focus on building an acting career. Also, always open about her mental health and body wellness, Cara Delevingne indicated that the stress of modeling was beginning to have an adverse effect on her health.  

Joining the Hollywood Ranks

This skilled celebrity’s first large movie role was in Paper Towns (2015). Cara Delevingne co-starred with Nat Wolff in the romantic comedy-drama. While the film overall did not impress the critics, the fledgling actress impressed them with her performance. In fact, some went so far as to say that she was the best part of the movie. 

Like many Hollywood celebrities, Cara Delevingne now has a superhero movie under her belt. In 2016’s Suicide Squad, a film about a super villain squad in the DC universe, this star played The Enchantress. Though the movie did not perform as expected, a second installment is in the works. However, Cara Delevingne is one of the only actors from the first movie that will not return for the second. Quite simply, she feels the storyline of The Enchantress is complete.

Some of Cara Delevingne’s other movie roles include Anna Karenina (2012), The Face of an Angel (2014), Pan (2015), Kids in Love (2016), Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017), Life in a Year (2018), London Fields (2018), and Her Smell (2018).

A Multi-talented Celebrity

Cara Delevingne has many talents beyond modeling and acting. Not surprisingly, with her modeling background, she has an eye for fashion. As such, she has developed two fashion collections. Her clothing collection for DKNY is street-worthy and has a super cool vibe. And she also created a line of rucksacks and bags for Mulberry.

Also, Cara Delevingne is musically skilled. In addition to singing, she plays the drums and the guitar. And while she was once offered a record deal, she turned it down! However, she has lent her vocal skills to a few of her movie soundtracks.

Social Media Maven

And, of course, a profile on Cara Delevingne would be incomplete without a mention of her social media prowess. Since the beginning of her career, this Hollywood celebrity has masterfully read the pulse of this trend. More than once, she has hit the top ten list for social media ranking, a score that combines the statistics from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and GooglePlus. Based upon these results, it is clear Cara Delevingne is at the top of the social media game. 

Upcoming Projects

In 2019, fans of this famous celebrity will get to add a new television show to their streaming queue. Carnival Row is a mystery that centers around mythical creatures who relocate to a new city. Orlando Bloom co-stars with Cara Delevingne in the drama. The series will premiere on Amazon Video in 2019. And you can bet we will add it to our queue! 

Photo of Cara Delevingne for Dolce and Gabbana S ’13.

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