Celebrity Spotlight: Bella Hadid

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Bella Hadid is one of the most popular and highest paid models in the fashion industry. Today we learn more about the exotic beauty with our Celebrity Spotlight. (Image Credit: Skincare Edit)

A Beautiful Celebrity

Despite their mother’s desire for her girls to head on a different path, Bella Hadid’s older sister Gigi started modeling in 2013. Following in the familial footsteps, Bella Hadid began modeling in 2014 after putting pursuit of a photography degree on hold.

Quickly after signing with IMG Models, Bella Hadid’s career was off to the races. She promptly booked jobs with the biggest names in the fashion industry like Diane von Fürstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Versace. International magazine covers followed with the model gracing the front of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ.

Her career continued to rise. In 2016, the beautiful celebrity was named Model of the Year. And in 2017, Forbes ranked her as one of the highest paid models. Moreover, every year Bella Hadid makes the list of the most popular supermodels in the fashion industry. 

Work Ethic and Kindness

Much of the model’s success is due not only to her beauty but her manner and work ethic. Fashion insiders speak highly of Bella Hadid’s dedication to her craft. In fact, earlier this year, in spite of having a fever of 101º, the supermodel walked not one but two catwalks. 

Not only does Bella Hadid take her career seriously, she also does her work with pleasure! Many designers say both she and her sister are consummate professionals in addition to being kind to everyone they are working with!

Her positive outlook, kindness and work ethic are values Bella Hadid attributes to her parents. Despite coming from an affluent family, the supermodel always worked the same jobs ordinary teenagers would. Her mother also instilled the belief to treat everyone the same, no matter their walk of life.   

Skilled Equestrian

Before modeling made Bella Hadid a household name, the beautiful celebrity had a promising equestrian career. Living part of her youth on a horse ranch, the model developed a love for horses and riding. In fact, she learned to ride at the age of three, showing promise early on. She became a gifted show jumper, earning a national ranking, and eventually set her sights on the Olympic Games. 

Bella Hadid intended to attend the 2016 Summer Olympics. Unfortunately, her battle with Lyme disease prevented her from continuing toward her goal. She would have been the first model to participate in the Olympics.

Struggle with Lyme Disease

As stated above, Bella Hadid suffers from chronic Lyme disease like her mother, Yolanda Hadid, and her brother. The symptoms of this controversial disease include fatigue, muscle and joint aches, and, in some cases, cognitive dysfunction. Diagnosed with the tick-borne illness in 2013, the model continues to struggle with the effects.

However, despite her pain, Bella Hadid does work toward raising awareness about the condition. In fact, in 2016, the Global Lyme Alliance honored the model for her activism at their Lyme Alliance Gala. 

Political Activism

Bella Hadid is proud of her Muslim heritage and faith. As such, it is not surprising that issues within today’s political climate have urged her to take a stand. Reflecting on her father Mohamed Hadid’s devout faith and experience as a refugee, the model joined marches and spoken out regarding choices of the current presidential administration.

However, while she does use social media to educate her followers on her stance, most frequently, she encourages people to get along despite their differences. 

Mental Health Advocate

Earlier this year, Bella Hadid reached out to her Instagram followers about Mental Health Awareness Day. In her post, she candidly discussed her own struggles. Moreover, she put forward her belief that social media can contribute to mental health issues as, often, the stories on social media don’t always represent the poster’s true reality.

Beyond those statements, the star urged her followers to engage in self-care and to ask for help if needed. Furthermore, she also encouraged them to actively be kind toward others. That is a sentiment we can get behind! We wish this stunning celebrity luck in her future endeavors!


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