Celebrity Look-a-Like Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Look-a-Likes
Celebrity Plastic Surgery Look-a-Likes

There are a countless number of web sites, articles, and blog posts that document a person wanting to look like a celebrity. Most of the individuals who undergo plastic surgery to look like their idol end up looking strange, and not much like the celebrity they are trying to imitate. Frankly, these repetitive stories are getting boring, and the average, regular person is often turned off to plastic surgery as a result. ( Image by Charles Norfleet / PRPhotos.com)

Therefore the latest trend for this year is to portray the best image of yourself possible because of the large volume of pictures and videos that are taken for social media outlets such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. In order to create this ideal image, people can often draw from certain celebrity features when going for a consultation. This way the surgeon can get an idea of what the patient wants, and can help create realistic expectations.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Look-a-LikesThere are several celebrity features that patients may desire. The most popular recently is evidenced by the huge rise in buttock enhancement. The three names we hear in the office most commonly are Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj. Their behinds have been a big part of their fame and some people want to emulate that look. With a Brazilian butt lift, fat is liposuctioned from the stomach and waist, processed, and reinjected into the buttocks. This turns a rectangular midsection into more of an hourglass shape. Our usual patient doesn’t want to look like Jennifer Lopez; they just want to enhance their own features, and that is a healthy way of looking at things. ( Image by Andrew Evans / PRPhotos.com)

Another popular celebrity feature that patients often desire is the nose. The celebrities that are mentioned most often today are Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Middleton, and Jennifer Aniston. Asking for a celebrity nose is a good starting point for a consultation. Each one of these celebrity noses has different characteristics, and when going for a consultation, it is advisable to have goals you would like to reach. It is the surgeon’s job to determine if those goals are realistic. Sometimes, the nasal anatomy will not allow you to have Jennifer Lawrence’s thin, sculpted nose. If this occurs, it is wise to accept the best possible outcome your surgeon can give. If surgery is taken too far, unnatural consequences can occur.

Why do patients ask for a celebrity feature? Confidence in yourself is an extremely important part of everyday life at work, school, and social situations. These celebrities appear extremely confident for the most part, so a person may think that if he or she had a similar feature, then their confidence would improve. That may be true, but it is much more realistic to contemplate the scenario without the celebrity involved. A well qualified plastic surgeon will advise you if the celebrity goal is reachable, but if not, you can still have a great, natural result that will definitely leave you feeling more confident at work, social situations, and for prevalence of “selfie” pictures.

So you don’t have to look like a celebrity after all, with the right surgeon and the right plan you can get natural looking plastic surgery results leaving you looking and feeling like a Hollywood star in your own right.

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