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Celebrity of the Week: Jennifer Aniston #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #celebrities
Celebrity of the Week: Jennifer Aniston

Celebrity hair color expert, Justin Anderson, has launched one of the most innovative Los Angeles salons, DPHue colorBAR that allows men and women to stop in, with no appointment necessary, for hair touch ups and color to get the perfect color for any occasion, time or season. Hollywood’s famous celebrities, like Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Basinger, Miley Cyrus, Emma Roberts, Kristen Cavallari, Kelly Osborne, and the list goes on have trusted Justin with their lovely locks when they need to freshen their color, or change it completely. With his years of expert experience, he is now offering a fast and easy service to the rest of world so they too can get beautiful hair color worthy of the stars. (Image by Albert L. Ortega / PRPhotos.com)

 Hair tips from Jennifer Aniston's colorist!

Beverly Hills Magazine: How does DPHue colorBAR work?

Justin Anderson: Clients can come in without an appointment and they’ll receive a professional consultation with one of our color experts, who I have trained personally. They will discuss your dream hair color, then they will mix up the hair color and you can choose to take the custom color kit home with you or you can have the service done in the salon. It’s that easy to get beautiful, fresh hair color!

 Beverly Hills Magazine: What is the DPHue Hair Color philosophy?

Justin Anderson: At DPHue colorBAR we have made custom hair color affordable and accessible to everyone. We have discovered so many women still use cheap drugstore box color, and this is ruining their hair. Our color solution offers a quality hair color and treatment at an affordable price and without having to do it yourself. There is a huge gap between the expensive salon world and the cheap box color, so our DPHue colorBAR bridges the gap. We make salon hair color services available at a reasonable price and without an appointment. So if you’re busy and on the go, this is perfect for you!

Hair tips from Miley Cyrus' colorist!Beverly Hills Magazine: What is the most popular hair trend today?

Justin Anderson: At DPHue colorBAR we don’t believe in all over highlights; today it’s all about a natural look and feel. If you want the best natural look, light highlights to frame the face, or a little around the crown or just on the ends will give you the most natural look that everyone will love. Of course, there are more edgy trends, like ombré, but soft ombré is in now, where it is not so bold. Brunettes are mixing it up by adding bold red hues into their hair color and blondes are toning it done a bit. There’s less platinum blonde and more natural blonde tones which are becoming the “in thing”. I personally believe your hair should look more natural, and you can create more edge for your look with your clothing style. Your hair should compliment your natural skin tones, and natural hues do this best.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: What are the best treatments to keep hair moisturized?

Justin Anderson: Coloring, blow drying, straightening, or curling damages your hair so it’s very important to put good oil in your hair.  Every time you color your hair, you strip it of its natural oils; so to keep hair moisturized you have to replenish the oil. At our salon we highly recommend clear natural oil without color or scent, because your hair will absorb those too. We also suggest doing a masque once a week, or for special occasions. Put the oil or masque in your hair, braid it, and leave it for a couple of ours.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: Is sleeping with your hair up or swimming in the ocean bad for your hair?

Justin Anderson: I’ve had so many clients come in with breakage and damage from sleeping in a tight bun or pony tail. If you absolutely must, I recommend wearing a loose braid to sleep in. Otherwise, you definitely can cause damage by sleeping with your hair tied up. If you go swimming in the ocean or a pool, wear your hair in a light braid and put the clear oil in your hair to repel the chlorine and salts. All this will help prevent breakage and keep your hair moisturized.

Celebrity hair color tips!Beverly Hills Magazine: What is the best hair advice you would give our readers?

Justin Anderson: Well I have two valuable pieces of advice. First, natural hair color is really the best way to go. Then, the biggest mistake you can make is bouncing from colorist to colorist. If you do this, you don’t give your hair a real chance to improve or get the results you really want. You need at least 6 months to see actual results. There are no quick hair miracles. I can’t stress this enough! At DPHue you will have consistent access to professional colorists who will guide you through your hair coloring process until you achieve the desired results you’ve been looking for.

There you have it, celebrity color expert; Justin Anderson dishes the scoop on Hollywood hair beauty secrets. With Hollywood’s hottest stars trusting him with their locks, we think your hair will be in very good hands. So don’t wait, stop by the DPHue colorBAR in Los Angeles today and start your journey to truly beautiful hair.

DPHue colorBAR

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