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3 Female Fashion Icons And How To Get Their Look
3 Female Fashion Icons And How To Get Their Look

Fashion icons used to be the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Whilst most of us do still class them as fashionable and stylish icons, the world of fashion is changing. It seems that celebrities and those in the public eye are now in the spotlight more for their fashion and style choices than for their acting skills or talents. Style and fashion are big businesses. Designers will pay top dollar for celebrities to wear their products, and endorsements are flying around like there’s no tomorrow. It has to be said though. There are some seriously stylish female fashion icons from the celebrity scene out there. Some women just seem to ooze star quality and drip effortlessly chic style. How do they do it? Well, of course, the majority of them have their own personal designers and makeup artists. They have an entourage around them at all times, dedicated to making them look good. The average Joe may not be able to afford this, but what we can do is take some of their fashion and beauty tips to inspire us at home.

Dressing like a celebrity doesn’t mean mimicking their every look. Just pick your favorite parts of their style and make them your own. Sources such as access2knowledge.org are a good place to start looking for entertainment and celebrity style themed answers. Some of the celebrities below have made a real name for themselves in the world of fashion and beauty, so you could definitely take some inspiration from them.

How To Get Blake Lively’s Look

Blake Lively is an American actress known mainly for her breakout role in the hit US series Gossip Girl. She brought a classic beauty to the show and always dressed in a fashionable and stylish way. Recently Blake Lively wed fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, and the couple have also just has a baby together. She is one stylish mother who will surely be rocking some seriously hot trends for herself and her child during the year ahead. Here’s how you can get the Blake Lively look at home.(Image Credit-Georges Biard)

Glamorous dresses – Blake Lively wears some gorgeous dresses both in her day to day life and on the red carpet. She isn’t afraid to show off her figure, even when she’s pregnant. For that, we salute her!

Bold accessories – these are key to creating a Blake Lively look. Think stylish cocktail rings and longline necklaces. Keep it fashionable with a bold twist.

Gorgeous hair care – Blake’s hair is always in point. She has the perfect cut and style and always looks like a real superstar. Take care of your hair and use some good quality hair care products for a gorgeous shine. Don’t forget to straighten it for that perfect glossy finish!

3 Female Fashion Icons And How To Get Their Look

How To Get Sarah Jessica Parker’s Look

Sarah Jessica Parker was a movie star, before shooting to epic stardom in the hit HBO TV show ‘Sex and the City’. SATC fans went wild for her obsession with fashion and her outrageous on-screen personality. Sarah Jessica Parker played Carrie Bradshaw, the cult character who dated ‘Mr Big’ and wrote, lived and loved in New York City. Since then, she’s become synonymous with style and fashion and Sarah Jessica Parker herself has become a style icon in her own right. With plenty of movie roles since the show (including Sex and the City movies) She’s also gone on to make guest appearances in fashion related roles on shows such as GLEE. (Image Credit)

SJP’s style is fun and fashionable. She isn’t afraid to push boundaries and doesn’t always play it safe. Some key ways to get Sarah Jessica Parker’s look are: –

A good mix of casual and dressy – She knows when to dress up and when to keep it casual. As a parent, it’s only fair that SJP should be able to have her down time, and she looks just as gorgeous in a pair of UGG boots and jeans as she does in a designer dress.

Androgynous fashion – Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t afraid to wear tailored suit jackets and pants. She knows that she looks great in them. However, she also has a knack for making them more feminine with over sized bows and accessories.

Fabulous shoes – Carrie Bradshaw fans everywhere would be looking down their nose at Sarah Jessica Parker if she lived in her casual winter boots all of the time. She knows how to style some killer heels and wears an eclectic mix of brands and designer footwear.

Accessories – SJP knows what works well with her outfits. She has been known to mix things up with eccentric accessories or keep things simple with a basic but stylish bag.

3 Female Fashion Icons And How To Get Their Look

How To Get Victoria Beckham’s Look

Victoria Beckham began her career as ‘Posh Spice’ in the hit UK girl band The Spice Girls. They shot to fame with classic hits such as ‘Stop Right There’ ‘Spice Up Your Life’ and many more. Following her time with the band, Victoria Beckham has gone on to marry British footballer David Beckham. The couple have raised a family together and are one of showbiz hottest couples. Both are very fashion minded. David has starred in a string of designer clothing advertising campaigns and Victoria Beckham even has her own successful fashion line. Here’s how you can get her look. (Image Credit)

Chic style – Victoria Beckham is very often seen wearing black. She’s the expert at keeping things chic and stylish. She’s not a fan of bright colors and instead usually opts for a simple neutral color or a monochrome look.

The perfect fit – Fitted dresses, fitted jackets and quality clothing. Victoria Beckham knows how to make the most of her figure and wears perfectly tailored items to show it off.

Jewelry and accessories – Victoria Beckham keeps her jewelry and accessories just as chic as her clothing. Cool and edgy bags that are versatile and easy to carry are key for this busy mom. Her jewelry is minimalist and simple. Gold is always a winner.


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