Business 101: Work-Life Balance

Business 101: Work-Life Balance
Business 101: Work-Life Balance

Running a business is a big challenge for many people. If a business is in the crucial early stages where everything needs to be set up, then it can be the equivalent of two full-time jobs! And it’s important to look after yourself and strike the right balance between work and life. Otherwise, you could be in for a lot of stress. The work-life balance is difficult to achieve, but it can be done! How do you do this when your business is in its early stages?

Know What Time Of The Day You Are At Your Best

When it comes to work, some people are up at the crack of dawn, and some of us work late into the night because we just function better that way. You have to make sure that you are doing everything as best as you can, so if you can bound into work at 7 am, be sure to take on the tasks that are the most difficult at the start of your day. A lot of us have the mid-afternoon slump just after lunch, so if you plan on being a bit tired later on in your day, leave the simpler or more admin-based tasks for this time, or better still, have a good hr software package to help you keep track of everything that little bit easier.

Start To Delegate More Responsibilities

When running a business by yourself, you might feel it’s very difficult to give up any part of the business as it’s your baby that you built from the ground up. If you think that without you, the company would sink, then it’s time to start giving more responsibilities to the people around you. They are there for the good of your business so give them something to get stuck into. It leaves you with fewer duties, and it will also give your company a different dynamic, which are outcomes that are both very positive.

Leave The Equipment In The Office

It’s become a habit for us to check our phones 20 seconds after checking it last, and nothing has changed since 20 seconds ago. It will be good for you, and your family, if you leave the equipment away from home for at least a night.


With the amount of blue light being emitted from smartphones and tablets, it is very difficult for us to switch off and relax at night. And when running a business, there are going to be points where we need to be on our computers quite a lot. So we need to find ways to chill out at night. We all have things that we do to relax, from playing a console, to going to yoga, to hanging out with your family, but you need to make sure that you are making the time to relax and are staying away from the office. While you may think that you need a break in another country, sometimes having a “mental break” is more than enough to help you recharge your batteries.


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