How To Break Into Hollywood

How To Break Into Hollywood
How To Break Into Hollywood

A simple guide on how to to break into Hollywood? That can’t be right, surely?! Well, it is. Breaking into Hollywood, the world of the rich and famous, where movie stars and celebrities live the high life, might not be as simple for you, but this guide breaks it down so you can understand what you need to do. Be warned: Hollywood might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Probably the reason many celebs go off the rails and end up in rehab. If this is really what you want, read on…(Image Credit)

Take Acting Classes

If you can’t act, you won’t break Hollywood. You want to be taken seriously as an actor, so take some lessons and get your technique right. The more experience you have, the better. Some people are naturally good actors, others are not.

Be Willing to Work for Nothing

A free job could soon lead to a full time career, so don’t focus on money right at the start. Work for free or for hardly anything, and you could find yourself securing jobs pretty quickly. You’ll only start out in a low position, but once you get better and better, you’ll work your way up and get more money.

Let Go of Your Ego

Don’t have an ego right at the start, as this can seriously hinder you when it comes to opportunities. Only after you’ve broken into Hollywood can you afford to have an ego.

Be Patient

Have plenty of patience. There’s a lot to learn in Hollywood, and it can take years to learn it all. Instead of expecting to get huge jobs and learning it all right away, think of it as like school. You need to learn a lot before you can get a huge job, so get impatient and give up. Stick at it.

Have Respect

Always be respectful. You never know who might try to help you or work with you, so ensure you’re nice to everyone. Have respect and show gratitude towards those who give you a chance. Don’t be a diva. Nobody likes a diva. Be honest and be sincere. You career is built upon relationships, so think long term when it comes to your connections.

Grab Opportunities

Take an opportunity wherever you can and use them to your advantage. If you get a job as a script copier, for example, make yourself a copy and read it. There are a ton of ways you can use a low position in Hollywood to learn and boost yourself higher.

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